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  1. almost 10 years ago on [Deleted]

    Personally, I would think the looks of shock from the crowd were more from “What in the…?!?!? How did those people just jump through a hole in thin air and appear out of nowhere in the middle of main street?!?!?”

  2. almost 10 years ago on Alley Oop

    Personally, I like Larry & Night-Gaunt’s stories. Fan-fiction is a well-established genre with numerous precedents. Even though these instances were sparked out of protest rather than out of admiration, they fall under the same category. They aren’t doing any harm here. If you don’t read their stories, that’s fine. However, there’s no need to tell them to move on. There’s plenty of room for all at this site. I now enjoy reading three Alley Oop comics on this site each day, rather than just one. Well done all.

  3. about 10 years ago on Endtown

    That door should really have a “Warning, external access service door. Do not open while ship is airborne!” Waring sign or safety interlock or something like that.

  4. about 10 years ago on Endtown

    I love the shading effects on panel 1

  5. about 10 years ago on Lost Side of Suburbia

    This story really reads much more like a well-written novel than a comic. Great job Kory!

  6. about 10 years ago on Endtown

    Also, I’m certain Holly is thankful for Wally’s “cat-like” reflexes. He certainly saved her “tail” on that one. ;) (Ok, sorry about the puns.)

  7. about 10 years ago on Endtown

    I agree. I don’t think that Marx is at all malicious. He’s just trying to maintain the illusion of control. Flask, on the other hand, was quite malicious, and when her illusion of control was shattered, she became quite dangerous. We’ll see what happens.

  8. about 10 years ago on Lost Side of Suburbia

    I was thinking the exact same thing. I mean, a name like “Jones” has got to be rare enough that I’m sure they’re related somehow. ;) It’s certainly not as common as one like “Birdsfoot.”

  9. about 10 years ago on Lost Side of Suburbia

    Personally, I probably would’ve had Margo break the creep’s nose and then tie him to the leash. For a stunt like that, he should lead them to Bill and Melissa’s on their terms. (Sorry, maybe I’m a bit opinionated on this, but that just made my stomach turn.)

  10. about 10 years ago on Endtown

    “At last! Our aodrable heroes will get some much-deserved rest and recreation. After preparing for death, an hour or so ago, this will probably seem like heaven.This must be the Captain’s Cabin.Soon to be followed by the Captain’s Mess.”

    I think they fell into the Captain’s “mess” on the way in.