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  1. 9 days ago on Doonesbury

    “…to the point many denied they even had it, even as they were dying of it.” In the thick of the pandemic, the news showed a very frustrated doctor talking about a patient who claimed “but it’s a hoax!” just hours before she died. That’s some powerful brainwashing. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you her politics.

  2. 9 days ago on Doonesbury

    That’s not how you construct this kind of research. You must assume several factors are very similar for both groups, and then look at the one difference. It could be flawed or biased if you threw out wholesale groups, such as those with co-morbitities. Assume that a cross-section of both red and blue counties contains similar health issues and see that the sole difference is whether or not people got vaccinated. However. If you don’t believe in science, you’re likely going to mistrust modern medicine I guess. My only hope is that enough MAGA folks can no longer vote.

  3. 23 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    Since when has Arlo avoided going to the beach? Even at Thanksgiving, there’s the ocean, and the kids! I don’t understand why they don’t chuck it all and just move, already.

  4. 29 days ago on Frazz

    Dumb. Just plain dumb. I don’t know why Congress is not making any progress on this. They could easily pass it while continuing to do nothing about all the other bills waiting to die. This one’s a no-brainer.

  5. 30 days ago on Arlo and Janis

    I hate switching time more every year! I’d have thought this do-nothing congress would have welcomed the chance to make a change that most of the country wants and nobody would have to give up any concessions.

  6. about 1 month ago on Arlo and Janis

    Talk to me again when you are plunged into darkness at 4 this afternoon!

  7. about 1 month ago on Arlo and Janis


  8. about 1 month ago on Andy Capp

    Thank you to all of you. I’ve been reading Andy Capp all my life since I first learned to read, so the WWII stuff I got, but the broad arrow fabric, I had no idea.

  9. about 1 month ago on Arlo and Janis

    She was finally falling asleep when Arlo spoke and woke her up again.

  10. about 1 month ago on Bliss

    I hear that!