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Ray Toler Free

I am a designer, actor and artist living in Chicago. I am winner of the Joseph Jefferson Award for Scenic Design (Chicago version of the Tonys) and have received multiple nominations. My cartooning can be seen in the book Literary Fails by literary agent and TV producer Sharlene Martin (available on Amazon). <p> I am also a character actor who has appeared in several movies including US Marshals, Home Alone, A League of Their Own, and others. You may check me out on IMDB at</p>

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  1. about 3 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    We’ve already had a collector of humans in Archival.

  2. about 3 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    Costumes are affectations. Grotesque features are physical deformaties that often can’t be helped (besides, Gould said it was to symbolically show the ugliness in their souls. I don’t see how clothing does that.)

  3. about 9 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    Someone stole Bribery’s ring but Tracy is apparently not looking for the culprit/mole. And, in addition, someone stole BJ’s collection from right under Tracy’s hooked nose. Tracy said he would look after BJ’s collection. I suppose Tracy’s word or reliability is not very good anymore.

  4. about 10 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    Like the story of where the Moon people are and why they went there…that was teased with a Sunday page showing them somewhere operating controls. That tale, if it ever existed, has been on the back burner for years.

    That is only one example of unfulfilled expectations from seeming teases for future stories.

    I don’t always trust these insertions that probably seem like a good idea at the time but the idea is either forgotten or never followed through. We’re left wondering at the wasted space, time and effort for these phantom stories that never materialize.

  5. about 10 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    I’m not certain who Peaches is exactly. Did BJ keep her employed while he was in the slammer with a years-long sentence for bank robbery? Where did the money to pay her come from? What exactly were her duties? Is having nothing to do why she is so bored? …and, your question, Neil, why couldn’t she have looked after the collection if she was already on the payroll?

  6. about 10 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    I think your second speculation is more likely. I don’t think BJ has mentioned anything about the Time Drone, has he?

  7. about 10 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    Costumed villains do not work as well as grotesques in Dick Tracy.

  8. about 23 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    Nah, he went downtown in his prison jumpsuit to the super villain costume shop and the tailor was more than glad to sell him a zoot suit he happened to have onhand.

  9. 1 day ago on Dick Tracy

    That part may be over. The whole Time Drone episode could be a tease for a future story and has nothing to do with this Blackjack/Ace story that is just starting.

  10. 1 day ago on Dick Tracy

    It would certainly draw attention. Most Tracytown villains don’t like to keep a low profile, though, more like comic strip villains with attitude.