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I am a designer, actor and artist living in Chicago. I am winner of the Joseph Jefferson Award for Scenic Design (Chicago version of the Tonys) and have received multiple nominations. My cartooning can be seen in the book Literary Fails by literary agent and TV producer Sharlene Martin (available on Amazon). <p> I am also a character actor who has appeared in several movies including US Marshals, Home Alone, A League of Their Own, and others. You may check me out on IMDB at</p>

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  1. about 4 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    I think the meteorite contains Kryptonite. Kryptonite is poison to Superman. Yeti is a poison expert. His main client is…wait for it…Lex Luthor! How’s that for a crossover?

  2. about 4 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    The Brush.

  3. about 4 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    OMG I played his uncle in that movie.

  4. about 4 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    But Alfred E. Neuman has run for President many times. That should count for something.

  5. about 13 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    Since Mad Magazine stopped publishing, I’ve heard that Alfred E. Neuman is looking for work.

  6. about 13 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    I think you are just seeing the reflection of light when the glasses are white and shadow when the glasses are dark. Remember, the original drawings for the dailies are in black and white. The contrast of light and dark are much more apparent when you take away the color.

  7. about 17 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    See my post below about Gould’s use of accidents and coincidences in many, many of his stories.

  8. about 17 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    Yeti is not stupid. He IS arrogant and heartless. His focus is on the big picture. He has always had flunkies to handle the details. Now, with both of his associates either dead or injured and alone, he is a bit of a fish out of water.

    I’m liking this tale. This has all of the trappings of a Gould story: weird heartless villain, grisly poisonings with dart guns, horrible murders, Tracy using his gadgets, odd coincidences, panicky villain, and arrows pointing out important plot points (even if it is obvious—Gould used to point out the Two-way Wrist Radio when you could obviously see that was what Tracy was using).

    I could see the meteorite bouncing out as one of those strange coincidences that Gould would write and no villain (smart or dumb or any reader, for that matter) could foresee an accidental event like this. But as Gould knew, accidents happen.

    Sort of like Itchy, generally a pretty smart guy, killing all of his henchmen so he wouldn’t have to split Shaky’s fortune, trying to get away too quickly, running into a cow on the road, crashing into a field where his car caught fire, escaping from the burning car but accidentally forgetting to take the Kewpie doll in the seat next to him which is stuffed with Shaky’s fortune, the one thing he has committed all of his murderous crimes and heinous torture to acquire.

    …Or, Posie Ermine’s hat containing plans for his next heist in the lining, accidentally falling out of the window, being thrown in a dumpster by a street sweeper, being found by a carriage driver and put on his horse, and the ridiculous farcical chase to retrieve the hat by both Tracy and Posie was nothing but one wild coincidence after another.

    …Or, Flattop Jr. trying to hide out but his drawings, secretly entered in an art contest by Skinny, the drawings winning first place making him famous when he wants to lay low.

    …Or, on and on and on with many, many coincidences in Gould stories.

  9. about 18 hours ago on Dick Tracy

    I’m loving this.

  10. 1 day ago on Dick Tracy

    More like the Undertaker.