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Born March 7th, 1975 in Houston, TX. Graduated from the High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Houston, with a degree in Visual Arts in 1993. Has worked as a professional animator, voice artist, and cartoonist.

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  1. about 4 years ago on Endtown

    Ugh.. I received word about the error (Thanks, Erwin!) and uploaded a revision, but it looks like it hasn’t shown up on the server. Well, it’ll be fixed in the book!

  2. almost 5 years ago on Endtown

    Hi, all! Just a heads-up from my publisher: “We will be taking preorders for Book 4 until Sunday 12/16 at 4PM Pacific time (12/17 00:00 UTC) for delivery in mid-to-late January 2019. We were originally hoping to have the book available in time for Christmas, but that is no longer possible, so we have reopened preorders for an extended period.”

    My fault.. Sorry.. The cover art on the proof wasn’t centered properly and I couldn’t imagine living the rest of my life obsessing over whether or not I could have had it straightened out before going to press. #OCD

  3. almost 5 years ago on Endtown

    Hey, all! Just FYI: preorders are now open for Endtown volume 4!

  4. over 5 years ago on Endtown

    Sorry, everyone. Today’s strip has been on the server since 9AM. Not sure what the problem is. Hopefully it will appear tomorrow.

  5. about 6 years ago on Endtown

    Hi, all. As most of you probably know, I live in Houston, Texas. My significant other and I managed to make it through Hurricane Harvey unscathed, but we’re now facing a bit of a financial squeeze (write to me for details if curious). In order to help make ends meet, I’m re-activating the Endtown Auction Block ( Among the eight double-sided original strips (and one promotional drawing) being auctioned are Kirbee’s first appearance, Holly’s last, and one never-before-seen unpublished alternative strip. Please drop by. For those of you who are patrons, the three-month reward packages will be delayed until the post offices are re-opened. I’ll be using FedEx to mail the auction items to winning bidders.

    Thank you!


  6. over 6 years ago on Endtown

    Sick again, folks. Two weeks hiatus at least, three at most. I may be in the hospital by the end of the day. Sorry about this.

  7. over 6 years ago on Endtown

    Well, the strip is ready, but the server isn’t. Hopefully I’ll be able to regain access again soon. Again, sorry about this, folks.

  8. over 6 years ago on Endtown

    Well, I was hoping to get the strip uploaded before the site upgrade at 4, but a power outage has thwarted the effort. Friday’s strip will be here when the site comes back online. Sorry about this, folks. :-(

  9. almost 7 years ago on Endtown

    Well, the new strip has been on the server since 6AM but doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. I’ve sent a message to the Powers That Be for technical assistance. What a week..

  10. almost 7 years ago on [Deleted]

    I’m doing okay physically. I got my blood results back yesterday morning and everything looks great with the exception of a vitamin D deficiency. I’ve been prescribed some kind of one-dose-a-week ultra vitamin D supplement.