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  1. 3 days ago on Heart of the City

    It’s a popular anime but still a bit of a deep cut. Good job there.

  2. 3 days ago on Our Super Adventure

    Meh, fall’s here and winter’s on the way. Just call it additional insulation.

  3. 4 days ago on Lio

    The Gelatinous Cube was really letting itself go.

  4. 4 days ago on Dog Eat Doug

    I do but my house was built in 1938

  5. 5 days ago on Dog Eat Doug

    “This is a test of the Sophie Early Warning System. If this was an actual thunderstorm, Sophie would alert you using a piercing whining tone. This is only a test.”

  6. 8 days ago on Lio

    Someone watched Kung Fu Panda and got inspired.

  7. 8 days ago on Wallace the Brave

    Way to remind us that kid has issues.

  8. 10 days ago on Close to Home

    And that’s why these corporate drones are forcing their work-at-home employees back to their offices. Even though in most cases they’re more productive where they are.

  9. 10 days ago on Tank McNamara

    Mine was unreasonable so I can’t really say. Just don’t go with a preassembled; I used a local computer shop for a build whose components would synergize well. The reps said more than half their computer repair business is customers who bought on line or via B*st B*y or similar. A lot of them had power supplies too low capacity for those bundled sets.

  10. 11 days ago on F Minus

    “Counting coup” on prey would definitely be a lot more “manly” than high-fence hunting or similar.