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  1. 11 days ago on Drabble

    Most of the cruises I’ve taken my cabin was on deck 8. Buffet on Deck 15. And my hubby has a walker. Hard to find room in the elevator. But we do manage.

  2. 11 days ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    I still don’t get how his Dad got it in the hat. Not from the top. The battery pack wouldn’t fit in the hole.. Not from the bottom – the propeller wouldn’t fit in the hole.

  3. 12 days ago on Luann

    They’re pretty common in restaurants around here

  4. 12 days ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    Um….shouldn’t he have put it in the hat before he glued it?

  5. 21 days ago on Non Sequitur

    A: Horses have hair and not fur. Although there is no difference between hair and fur, a horse’s coat is called hair because it is not dense enough for humans to use as garments.

  6. 22 days ago on Luann

    Please tell me this isn’t going to be a week long arc!!

  7. 25 days ago on Luann

    Well, Lu’s are on top of her head.

  8. 26 days ago on Luann

    Like the other characters whose eyebrows are up in their hair, assuming Pru’s are black, they wouldn’t show up at all.

  9. 26 days ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    I remember sending in box tops from Rice Krispies so I could get a Snap Crackle or Pop ring. I did get one, but there was no way you could guarantee you could get another that wasn’t a duplicate.

  10. 26 days ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    I was thinking the same thing