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  1. 8 days ago on Broom Hilda

    There is moose. Where is squirrel?

  2. 12 days ago on Broom Hilda

    In any case, not a really bright thing for Gaylord to say if he doesn’t want to get fried.

  3. 16 days ago on Crabgrass

    Or a vehicle that doesn’t need horses to pull it.

  4. 17 days ago on Outland

    Kiefer Sutherland is seeing Princess Di? How old is this strip? Unless he’s seeing her in his dreams of course.

  5. 18 days ago on Monty

    Funny they don’t look like they’re from UberEats.

  6. 18 days ago on Brewster Rockit

    Apparently that’s where Microsoft Customer Support comes from too.

  7. 18 days ago on Broom Hilda

    so Gaylords last name is Van Wilder?

  8. 22 days ago on Crabgrass

    I’m 58. One of my uncles, who’s 20 yrs old than me, had the same issue. He saw how hot dogs were made when he was a kid and wouldn’t eat them. My father told me that my grandmother had him convinced that weiners were different so he would eat those.

  9. 23 days ago on Garfield

    I just wonder who was on first?

  10. 24 days ago on B.C.

    I think her last name is Van Pelt. Ancestor of Lucy.