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  1. almost 8 years ago on Gasoline Alley

    While you are reminiscing about the many, many great sketches by Bob and Ray think back to the time Wally interviewed the contractor building the Trans-Atlantic Bridge. Even though the work was only partially completed they opened the bridge so as to get toll money to finance completion. The beauty of old time radio and your imagination!!!

  2. almost 8 years ago on Gasoline Alley

    If you missed him at the Old Fiddlers Convention and hope to catch Jim at home you could do worse than visiting the outskirts of NC’s Queen City. Jim, you do great honor to all your predecessors!!!

  3. over 8 years ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    OK, fellow friends of Calvin, what are his parents names???

  4. over 8 years ago on Gasoline Alley

    StuDolgon, many thanks for the links! In one article Jim says he would like to continue drawing the strip until at least GA’s 100th anniversary. By my calculation that will be November 24, 2018. I hope, along with Jim, Walt, Skeezix and the rest; that all of us are still around, as well.

  5. over 8 years ago on Gasoline Alley

    After the Katzenjammer Kids I believe Gasoline Alley may be the longest running American comic strip. I only mention because I fear (possibly better to read: concerned) that this beautiful story line at the old comics home could prove to be the vehicle for Jim – or whoever owns the GA rights – to pull the plug on the strip. Yes, I very much hope I am WRONG. However, I think it would help us all if ‘they’ would make a public statement on the future of GA, in general, and keeping Walt, in particular.

  6. over 8 years ago on Gasoline Alley

    First, I have to echo so many others in saying this is the BEST story line for GA in years. Jim, please keep this going!!! Second, I think the other ‘king’ portrait may be Disney’s Lion King from the Jungle Book.

  7. over 8 years ago on Gasoline Alley

    Dook, I did not think Jim was focusing strictly on strips for children. As a case in point, I would suggest GA is not just for kids. Thinking back to Pogo, and the great Walt Kelly, are you aware how Kelly saved Al Kapp’s reputation? I am not sure I should go into it here, but suspect the facts are available with a little time on Google.

  8. over 8 years ago on Gasoline Alley

    I am guessing there may be some legal (read: copyright) restrictions remaining that preclude which old comic strips Jim can pick from. I say this because it may mean why we have not seen the likes of: Lil’ Abner, Pogo, Calvin, and/or any of the Wild Side or Charles Adams characters.

  9. over 8 years ago on Gasoline Alley

    It looks like Jim has Walt focusing on comic characters from the WWII era, and before. If you want to look for some not – yet – in Walt’s memory balloon think of those associated with the likes of Pogo, Lil’ Abner, Calvin, Peanuts, Bloom County and more…. And, while writing, I like to add: Jim, the quality of your art work for this strip is right up there with the very best, including the legendary Hal Foster who started the epic Prince Valiant. Please keep up the great work!

  10. over 8 years ago on Gasoline Alley

    Uncle Walt IS Gasoline Alley! The Old Comics Home allows Jim the opportunity to keep him in the strip indefinitely. All his family can come to visit him there and they can reminisce of earlier years, etc. I share your hopes that the strip continue, but with less of Joel and much more of Skeezix and Walt.