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  1. almost 9 years ago on B.C.

    I always thought Gaffer was Samwise Gamgee’s dad from the Lord of the Ring saga.

  2. about 9 years ago on FoxTrot Classics

    Having just seen the German newscast where they added the Matiq Cardassian rebels logo to Seal team VI’s Navay emblem, I’d say this was appropriate.

  3. about 9 years ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    Hey Gnasher, I read the posts by Hobbes and he isn’t linking terrorists to Islam. He’s comparing pre 9/11 America to post 9/11 America. You have to admit that when a large threat suddenly has a face (in this case, bin Laden), the world is going to pay special attention to his every move. When he claimed his attacks were done in the name of Islam, suddenly media is going to paint muslims in a terrible light. No one will focus on the fact that the attacks came from extremists, the world finds it easier to blame Muslims in general. Is that right? Of course not, but such is the world we live in. I do like how you brought the image of Adolf Hitler by comparison. The difference in the two being that Hitler was in fact the political leader of the nation of Germany in the time of his regime. bin Laden was not the political leader of any nation and aside from his money and extremists views had little to do with running the nation. Anyhow, I hope this clarifies things a bit for you.

    Jeffreydahn- I fail to see how you can group Hobbes with any kind of egomaniacal notions. Still, if his viewpoints bother you so much, you can always choose to ignore them. After all, blogs are meant for people’s thoughts. Only by sharing these thoughts with others can we truly understand the similarities and differences among as human beings. If more people took time to understand others instead of blasting their point of view, I wouldn’t have had a reason to spend six months of my Navy career in Afghanistan. Personally, I wish I could hear all the opinions from the readers in this blog and learn to understand them.

  4. over 9 years ago on B.C.

    Well Teresa, I’ve always heard you could tune a piano, but never tuna fish.

  5. almost 10 years ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    @Teresa, the pirate song you’re thinking of is simply called The Pirate Song by Ray Stevens. Rather funny, that one.

  6. almost 10 years ago on B.C.

    Well, I’d say it’s mighty hard for Johnny Hart to continue to draw cartoons, fellows. He’s been dead since he died at his drawing board April 7th of 2007. May he find peace among the great masters of art. Well, him and Charles Schulz.

  7. about 10 years ago on B.C.

    Taz like kiwi!

  8. over 10 years ago on FoxTrot Classics

    Looking forward to the next batch should there be any. Preferably written by Timothy Zahn and performed by the original cast (Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher) and someone new to play Grand Admiral Thrawn. Or make a movie based on Shadows of the Empire. Either way, fans will be foaming at the mouth.

  9. over 10 years ago on FoxTrot Classics

    Personally, I think she is a sweetheart for being so loving to a guy like Peter. Although, quite frankly, she reminds me of my girlfriend as well so I can’t help but be thankful at Thanksgiving.

  10. over 10 years ago on Non Sequitur

    Special: All u-can eat buffet

    Dine-In only