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    Universal Serial Base: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Home

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    Is his name Dagwood?

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    Guilt-free lepidopterology is knowing you spelled it right without consulting the dictionary.

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    Everything but net.

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    It doesn’t need to be legal to be civil. True civility comes from the heart, not from the law.

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    Unique so?

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    An acquaintance recently posted a picture on Facebook. I had not seen him for at least a year – either in person or on social media. The next day, I was eating at a food truck that only visits monthly, and this same acquaintance showed up.Coincidence. And recognition.Should we commenters now anticipate some bubble gum ads on our other social media?

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    Well, kale, if you call that living!

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    Of course, you may not think up the same joke the cartoonist intended.