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  1. over 12 years ago on Dog Eat Doug

    Isn’t “Fizgig” a name fromJim Henson’s “The Dark Crystal”? I remember the yawn still. Oop, x_Tech got it already.

  2. over 12 years ago on The Elderberries

    wait, she was the Mayor?

  3. over 12 years ago on Skin Horse

    Or, she snagged herself some new parts.

  4. over 12 years ago on Doonesbury

    @Chikuku: the study which started this whole panic was intentional fraud. BMJ (British Medical Journal, an international peer-reviewed medical journal) conducted an investigation and found that even the parents of those children who were the subjects of the study refuted the claims made. So those who stood to benefit from the lawsuits still corrected the records on the timeline of events, which ruled out any and all links to causation. http://www.bmj.com/content/342/bmj.c5347.short As a parent, I am disgusted to learn of the intentional fraud perpetrated with the intent to commit perjury and reap rewards from lawsuits which took advantage of parents’ desperation.

  5. over 12 years ago on Basic Instructions

    But this one would cost money! Parent everywhere could use this to back up the discipline threats. “If you don’t (fill in the blank) we’re going to take you to Abandoned Land…And maybe leave you there for the Squatters and Gang members to fight over.” Might be more effective than stories about Santa’s naughty list, or Baba Yaga. Then they could drive by, just to prove that the threat isn’t empty. “Oh look! there’s that kid your teacher said moved away! Guess you want to do your homework now, don’t you?”

    I’ll line up some investors.

  6. over 12 years ago on Skin Horse

    @Time Traveler: Unity pauses to think…and remembers Sweetheart’s instructions, somewhat imperfectly. So she asks him to turn on her phone to make Sweetheart proud of her for remembering her instructions.

  7. over 12 years ago on Skin Horse

    Gnarley. And yet, she smiles.

  8. over 12 years ago on Skin Horse

    Some people fidgit or chew pencils while they think through problems. Unity destroys.

  9. over 12 years ago on Doonesbury

    @Palin drome, I hope that you’re not making light of the loss of so many lives, including a 9 year old girl, in the attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords?

    While it is likely that Giffords may survive, we don’t know in what capacity. And the damage done to a community and our nation’s psyche is immeasurable. While she may not be JFK, she is well-liked and approachable and does a good job of representing a difficult constituancy fairly. Something not many can say about their own Representatives.

    May Grace be with all in need due to the assasination attempt.

  10. almost 13 years ago on TOBY

    One mother of a wake up call. I’d be up after that as well.