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  1. 6 days ago on Clay Jones

    20 years ago I had lots of conservative friends. I was on a C&W dance team. We had plenty of deep conversations about shared interests and values. TImes have changed…

  2. 6 days ago on Michael Ramirez

    Bill Clinton and George W. Bush appear to be friends…

  3. 13 days ago on Michael Ramirez

    Not only electable, but two of the above won the popular vote and one was elected only after the interference of the Supreme Court. I wonder why trust in the government is so low?

  4. 14 days ago on Gary Varvel

    When faced with no real way to defend the President’s actions, all a Trump supporter can do is to point to others. This comic shows how weak such a position is.

  5. 16 days ago on Lisa Benson

    Take a look at and see why it’s High Tech that is cowering under its desk ( We’re back in the Taft vs. Roosevelt era of trust busting (and I think 130 year ago, Lisa would have been on the side of J. P. Morgan).

  6. 17 days ago on Tom Stiglich

    Tom is referring to the this: It caused the President to claim Schiff had committed treason.

  7. 19 days ago on Tom Stiglich

    I’ve noticed an uptick in the postings from Trump fans that talk about wanting to make the liberals cry. I’ve assumed that this is the least intelligent part of Trump’s base – those who believe, despite all that is going on, that it is just an elaborate game of tag.

    I didn’t think that Stiglich was part of this base but this comic gives me pause.

  8. 19 days ago on Bob Gorrell

    Well, let’s see. The President’s essential problem is that he is a narcissist who doesn’t like to do his homework: he avoids reading, he distrusts anyone with an idea that is not his, and he lashes out at his “enemies” (which are people who are not trying to kiss up to him). So yes, there is truth in this comic.

  9. 19 days ago on Two Party Opera

    Ah, the good ole days when we argued about having a national bank…

  10. 20 days ago on Steve Kelley

    I think Kelley is living in the past. The referees are wearing red and blue shirts as well.