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  1. 5 days ago on Kevin Kallaugher

    A huge fraud, indeed! An excellent depiction of trump.

  2. 6 days ago on Baby Trump

    “A Donald Trump original thought”?

  3. 9 days ago on Strange Brew

    Did you walk into that on purpose?

  4. 9 days ago on Human Cull

    Seriously! Just walk away; they’ll just keep on talking and never notice that you left…

  5. 10 days ago on Half Full

    Fry it up extra crispy and scramble some eggs!

  6. 14 days ago on 1 and Done

    I saw the picture before i read the words. I thought it was the dog looking to be fed, but not THAT … LOL … ewwww…

  7. 14 days ago on Kevin Kallaugher

    The transparency of this administration is simply amazing! /s

  8. 14 days ago on Baby Trump


  9. 15 days ago on Chris Britt

    Does he really not realize what a big fat huge deserving target he is?

  10. 15 days ago on Robert Ariail

    and the rallies. extra important!