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  1. over 1 year ago on For Better or For Worse

    @capriocorn – I don’t know what planet you were born on but until about 75 years ago children were vital to the health and wellbeing of not only the household but to the very fabric of society as a whole. Yes, a child does owe his/her existence and flourishing to the parents and their efforts to provide food, clothing, shelter and education (the nature of which has evolved over time.) Having children do chores around the house has been demonstrated time and again to be an effective way to instill good work habits and work as an aide in helping the child mature emotionally. Life takes work and the sooner that lesson is imparted the better adjusted the child is for adulthood. Again prior to WWII it was an absolute economic necessity that children helped with the keeping of the household. Now that economic imperative might be obviated but the emotional development that comes from doing chores is still vital to the development of the child. WORK is NOT a bad thing. Surprisingly it seems to absolutely necessary to the human condition. Among other things it teaches children that they are NOT privileged, that life not only requires effort but that such effort in almost all cases provides direction and dare I say – satisfaction. Yes there are lots of miserable jobs out there, but try famine as an alternative. Being taught that life owes you nothing but that hard work can be rewarding in NOT a sin. Again studies show what history has shown that life habits begin in childhood. Those who know the cost of living (an education that started with chores) are much more likely to aid the needy than those to whom everything was given and never did chores (nor had any obligations laid upon them) as a child.

  2. over 1 year ago on Bob Gorrell

    The massive increase in the Republican deficit because the Dumbocrats demanded that they would shut down the government if in the omnibus spending bill that for every dollar that the Republicans wanted to increase HAD TO BE MATCHED dollar for dollar by an increase in spending by the Dumbocrats. Republicans you say?? Try, for once in your benighted life, reading a little news that isn’t filtered through the censors at Facebook.

    If I am reading you correctly you belong to the liberal camp. Fair enough. Unlike your rigid standards of thought called under the Orwellian name of inclusiveness a study released just a few years ago showed that conservatives are willing to seek out and debate ideas on the internet whereas liberals stayed within their safe sites and did not seek out other points of view to debate and discuss.

    Finally consider that modern liberalism which is based in the ironically named “Enlightenment” which posited, among other sad things, that there is no objective TRUTH. To make things easier for you as it seems your grasp of history is a little weak this means that all is a subjective reality. IOW there is NO TRUTH and thus NO LIES. Everyone’s morality is valid and everyone’s “truth” is valid, thus there CANNOT be lies in such a system. That you complain that people lie (basically hold a different thought than your knee jerk reactions) is basic category error. There can be NO LIES if everyone’s subjective reality is their truth. Inclusivity DEMANDS that ALL points of view are valid – yet you constantly demand OTHERS but not yourself conform their reality to yours. This flies in the very face of modern liberalism as well as “inclusivity”. The conclusion one can take away from your post is that you are either extremely ignorant or a hypocrite. Or both. QED.

  3. over 1 year ago on Bob Gorrell

    By “latest mass killings” are you referring to the number of abortions committed on any given day?

  4. over 1 year ago on Lisa Benson

    Then why haven’t the justices who voted in Roe v Wade impeached for violating their duty to protect the Constitution wrt to creating a class of citizens who have no right to life at all? Is that not the worst violation of the Constitution – the creation of a legal framework against a very specific class of citizen that has zero rights?

  5. over 1 year ago on Lisa Benson

    Just as murder on demand on unborn children which tallies at over 30,000,000 dead since that decision was made was left out of your list. Why is that? Here we have the MOST egregious example of the powerful exercising authority over not just the weak but the helpless. So tell me oh moral one how come you left out legalized murder of children off your list of terrible court decisions? Is that not the worst of the lot. Dred Scott, Plessy, Cherokee Nation and Korematsu took away their rights but the victims were still left alive. Roe left is legalized murder. There is no redress to someone who is murdered – does that not make it a far worse social or state crime?

  6. over 1 year ago on Lisa Benson

    Another ignorant non-thinker on the left spouting drivel. The US Constitution went into effect in 1789 – not 1785. If you can’t get basic facts straight how are you going to get subtle intelligent arguments across. Ah…nevermind…making cogent arguments was never your intention in the first place. FREX – while you are soooooooooo concerned that the president exercises his constitutional power and call it the end of the country you completely ignore the part of compromise of the constitution that counted slaves for apportionment but ignored their basic human rights as well as citizenship. A far, far greater problem than a “travel ban” (that is extremely temporary) was something that required a civil war (leaving up to 750,000 dead Americans) and a constitutional convention to fix – yes slavery. That you even consider the two events as even remotely related in scope or importance shows just how specious and small minded your hysterical complaint was. Grow up and learn a little history while you’re at it. Even go so far and learn something about Islam that is a war with everything and everyone who does not “submit” to it. Its in the Koran. Its a fundamental duty. Recall that the first foreign war the US fought was with the Barbary pirates – state sponsored Muslim pirates who were capturing US sailing ships killing or selling into SLAVERY the sailors and giving their justification as said US sailors were infidels.

  7. over 1 year ago on Bob Gorrell

    Hello you idiots! (and I know I am doing violence to the word when using it do describe the above posters) Trump is doing the EXACT SAME THING AS OBOZO DID! THE EXACT SAME THING!!! Where was your rage then you hypocrites? Remember the pics of children in cages? Remember how fast they disappeared when the press discovered they came from the Obozo era? What is WRONG with you fools? If it wasn’t wrong then in you eyes why is it wrong now? Or if its wrong now why aren’t you raging at Obozo for what he did back in his presidency? You can’t answer because there is no logic to your position but emotional rage – lowest form political dialogue. Put your thumbs in your mouths and pout until you can sort out your position on this matter LOGICALLY and then say something.

  8. over 1 year ago on Bob Gorrell

    How come no one seems to remember OBAMA separating illegal immigrant children from their families? Remember the photos during his admin? OF COURSE you don’t because that would not fit the narrative and knock you off your hypocritical moral more hill. Its awful to separate children from their parents (true) buts its OK to murder children in the womb (even truer). So until you get your priorities in order – shut your whining!

  9. over 1 year ago on One Big Happy

    Its pretty obvious Stuart that you’ve NEVER had any real education – at least in economics. The whole notion that BOTH individuals trading so they are both improved in some way important to each is foundational to capitalism. But there is much more to it – such as a paid workforce, the use of currency instead of barter so goods can be traded over long distance so EVERYONE has the chance to enjoy the fruits of the trade and reinvestment back into the enterprise. Also, in the early part of capitalism was understood that the participants were supposed to be frugal with their gains. All done in freedom. Yes parties can abuse the system but that is a moral failing, not a failing of the economic system. Socialism is by definition slavery. One is coerced by law of a state to give up what they may or can not to another whether they need or want it. Socialism is slavery to the state. Don’t think so? Try and buck the system and see what happens.

  10. almost 2 years ago on Lisa Benson

    What’s particularly horrifying is that liberals “think” (and I do use the term extraordinarily loosley) that there IS some sort of fundamental difference between “socialism, communism, dictatorships, and Liberalism”. They are ALL forms of dictatorship…its just how much power the government takes from the people “for their own good.” However in all cases they do all end in two conditions – the loss of political freedoms and the eventual destruction of the economy. The differences by which this happens is time. The more one slides to dictatorship the faster everyone suffers. The true irony is that while the left/intelligencia claim their brilliance in stentorian voices they keep travelling down the road to governmental oppression and economic collapse and call this “good”. Its as if they purposefully ignore they harm they do, the misery they create and blatantly close their eyes to history. After all modern liberalism, e.g., liberalism based on the ironically named Enlightenment which fully admitted there is no objective reality, thus does not and cannot deal with facts or truth. This is not some weird interpretation but the direct outcome of the philosophies of the ironically named “Enlightenment.” Thus we have the Orwellian modern liberalism where freedom is slavery, thinking is treason, left is right, etc.

    Welcome to liberal paradise where you not only don’t you take care of yourself but to try is considered evil. Yet liberalism keeps marching down the road, frequently but not always, to dictatorship style governments because apparently while mankind is too stoooopid to take care of itself the left leadership apparently, while still being the same type of human, has all the answers.

    Irony….and sad for those who suffer under its terrible yoke. Just don’t complain too loudly or you will be dealt with.