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  1. over 11 years ago on MythTickle

    % apropos karma

    karma: nothing appropriate %

    augh! fail!

  2. over 11 years ago on MythTickle

    doc, I have to agree with you here – some of the best stories I’ve got to tell all involve personal stupidity or pain, and start to be the best to tell just after the sting wears off ;)

  3. over 11 years ago on Bloom County


    Yep, me too – ‘can’t see how I bloody well missed..!’

    Need to find all those old books, at least the ones that haven’t entirely disintegrated by now!

  4. over 11 years ago on The Academia Waltz

    Steve Dallas, and already a ‘mature’ character at this early point – then again, there are plenty of real life examples around.

    not that I don’t dig a nice thin sundress, mind…mmmm.

  5. over 11 years ago on FoxTrot Classics

    wow on a PII? there’s real pain…