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  1. over 10 years ago on Garfield

    hehehehehehe lovely

  2. over 10 years ago on Lio

    HahahahahahahahahahahahaI’m still laughing. You’re right Craig’s bunny is just as scary (if not more).

  3. over 10 years ago on Lio

    Sometimes, you just have to push the envelope… especially little boys. I thing Lio and Cybil are a good match.I am fortunate enough to have a cat I can play with and not get scratched up. Especially since those scratches will balloon up into nasty little infections – since I am allergic and have thin skin.Maybe the fact that he doesn’t have scratches all over him means that Cybil cares for him.i wonder.

  4. over 10 years ago on Tim Eagan

    Don’t think so Baslim. Looks like he’s implying the opposite.

  5. over 10 years ago on Lio

    Agreed! She is pointing him in the right direction. If you’re going to do it, do it right! Do you think he’ll take the bait?

  6. over 10 years ago on Garfield

    On second glance, I realize that Garfield just got tagged. Boy, doesn’t he look thrilled.

  7. over 10 years ago on Garfield

    You’ll notice, that Jon didn’t just say “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”… in itself, a draw for a cat’s primal attention as a natural predator … he simultaneously tickled Garfield’s ear. Cats will automatically bat at anything that tickles them – and as he swung at the tickling, the swatter in his hand whomped Jon’s face, in the perfect position for a waffling. This guy’s got a death wish.

  8. over 10 years ago on Lio

    What comes around goes around. Justice… it’s a beautiful thing. Live by the mouth, die by the mouth. Careful what you wish for. Bad manners will make you a target for biting remarks… hey, for biting in all forms!

  9. over 10 years ago on Lio


  10. over 10 years ago on Lio

    Hysterical!!! Jukeofurl