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  1. over 4 years ago on Frazz

    Hey, at least she’s reading something. There’s no reason to be so snooty.

  2. over 7 years ago on Pearls Before Swine

    31 and I understood both references. I love the pun strips, they’re so lame they go right back around to funny for me.

  3. almost 8 years ago on [Deleted]

    It’s not a rerun. She’s only ever talked about it before, we’ve never actually seen it until now.

  4. over 8 years ago on JumpStart

    I was a budding Grammar Nazi as a teenager, but luckily my parents managed to nip it in the bud. Now I can’t stand people like that.

  5. over 8 years ago on Candorville

    Exactly! I’m the cool aunt and that’s enough for me.

  6. over 8 years ago on Candorville

    My mom had the same model and she only got rid of it last year. It was running so slow at the end that she had to turn it on and leave it for a half hour to “warm up” before she could do anything on it.

  7. almost 9 years ago on Pearls Before Swine

    There are idiots and good rule-followers in all forms of transportation, I think we can all agree on that. As a pedestrian I have an equal amount of experience narrowly avoiding getting hit by cars AND people on bikes.

  8. almost 9 years ago on Arlo and Janis

    I wonder if he made Lois’ noodle caboodle with M&Ms instead of paprika.

  9. about 9 years ago on Frazz

    Yup. He’s one of the most irritating characters in comics these days.

  10. about 9 years ago on Frazz

    I’m a librarian so I’m with Mrs. Olsen on this one. I’m actually kind of surprised that Caulfield thinks proper book care is annoying, one would think he’d be in favor of it.