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  1. 1 day ago on Gasoline Alley

    “I’m jus’ here t’ tell the readers that the whole Wallet family done up an’ moved away, and ain’t never gonna be seen agin. It’s jus’ gonna be yo’ an’ me an’ Miz Mayor Melba an’ that feller works in every store in town, now an’ forever, until th’ sun goes out.”

  2. about 1 month ago on Alley Oop

    Reminds me of PeeJee Shou in Randy Milholland’s “Something Positive.”

  3. about 1 month ago on Dick Tracy

    Is Joe inking himself this week? The art looks different.

  4. about 2 months ago on Dick Tracy

    Nice to hear that Tony Rocky Horror eventually came back from that misunderstanding with Marcellus Wallace’s wife.

  5. 2 months ago on Gasoline Alley

    Clovia turns 70 this summer.

  6. 2 months ago on Gasoline Alley

    Might be nice to see Skeezix and Nina celebrating their anniversary in the strip. I’m guessing we won’t get that, though.

  7. 2 months ago on Dick Tracy

    Boy, if Crystal collects unusual names, she’s definitely in the right strip.

  8. 3 months ago on Dick Tracy

    Retconning Warbucks’ marriages so they were before he met Annie would be like retconning Tracy’s past so that he didn’t meet Tess until after her father was killed.

  9. 3 months ago on Dick Tracy

    I had a couple of co-workers in the late ‘80s-early ’90s who smoked so much they actually killed their smokeless ashtrays (which were only partially effective to begin with, but still…). Yes, I’m old enough to remember when smoking was allowed in most workplaces.

  10. 4 months ago on Gasoline Alley

    So that Melba can drop in unexpectedly, find Willow there, and then a farcical misunderstanding can ensue, and OH MY GOD THERE ARE FIFTY FREAKIN’ CHARACTERS IN THIS STRIP WHY DO WE HAVE TO SPEND MONTHS WITH THIS GUY?