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  1. almost 11 years ago on Endtown

    Aaron, i got my copy early this past week (i can’t sign into gocomics very often).It’s wonderful! thank you so much!when i got it, my husband was looking over my shoulder and asked me what i was reading. so naturally i started gushing about Endtown and he told me to send him a link—this is actually huge because he doesn’t like 90% of the stuff i read.

  2. about 11 years ago on PreTeena

    to those with siblings i have a question: if a parent has “The Talk” with the older sib, is it pretty common for that kid to go and tell his/her younger sibs?

  3. about 11 years ago on Endtown

    i understand where the doc is coming from, but in that last panel, Wally is clearly getting comfort from Holly. whether or not he knows she’s there, on some level he does.

  4. about 11 years ago on Endtown

    aw (sniffle)

  5. about 11 years ago on The Meaning of Lila

    ^ (shyly raises hand)

  6. about 11 years ago on C'est la Vie

    the girlfriend looks as though she’s thinking “i’m your what now?”

  7. about 11 years ago on Endtown

    I know it was a “heat of battle” adrenaline (and probably catnip) thing but, oh Wally… :( not a good way to make a first impression on a town. Especially when the cop(s) come in and see this.

  8. about 11 years ago on Thatababy

    just wait until he’s tall enough to reach the microwave!

  9. about 11 years ago on Stone Soup

    OK guys, enough with the teabagging comments! There is so much outright lies abut the TEA party it’s disgusting. you know what? you don’t like becing called fascist nazis any more than the next guy, so who is going to be the better man here?

  10. about 11 years ago on Bear with Me

    Bear has good taste:)