Apr 14, 2012
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Chazz: Whoa, Poncho! Where are you heading in such a hurry?
Chazz: What? What are you trying to say? You're trying to go somewhere?
Chazz: One word, two syllables… first syllable… sounds like…
Chazz: Snout? Yes? Okay, um… pout? trout? um… out?
Chazz: Out? Yes? Okay, second syllable, sounds like… big? Wide?
Chazz: Sounds like wide? Okay, let's see… tide? Ride? Hide? Uh… confide?
Chazz: Okay, that's a house, that;s us in the house… you want to go… into that tree? Where's that arrow going?
Poncho: Outside! I want to go outside, for cryin'--
Carmen: Hey, where's my croissant?
Apr 16, 2012
Small u 201701251613

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