About Pirate Mike

Pirate Mike is about an 18th century pirate cursed to live in the 21st century by mischievous sea sprites who continue to enjoy making Mike’s life miserable on a periodic basis. Mike now has a wife, Eileen, a son, Billy, and a job as party host at The Pizza Pirate, the local entertainment eatery in Mike’s home suburb of Kokanut Falls! Eileen is an artist who also enthusiastically supports the local Kokanut Falls fire department calendar drive. Billy enjoys the internet and video games, but is not as enthusiastic about school. Their dog, Patch, enjoys meal-time and can always understand Mike except for when he doesn’t. 

Mike’s homelife is complicated by his mother-in-law, Judy, who loves Mike, but enjoys giving him a hard time. Eileen’s college friend, Nancy, has become a ninja, and thinks of Mike as most ninjas would think of most pirates. 

At work, Mike’s boss at The Pizza Pirate is a newly graduated MBA named Matt. Matt is ambitious, full of hope, upwardly mobile and destined for success. Matt’s efficiency expert is a corporate robot named Pizzabot who has determined that the company would be better off if Mike were to, say, meet an “untimely demise.” 

Mike’s relationship to the law is no less complicated. Officer Jones routinely reminds Mike of his legal constrictions while Mike’s lawyer, Barrister Barb, does her best to keep Mike out of jail.

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