Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson for January 12, 2021

  1. Omav
    Averagemoe  8 months ago

    And I honestly can’t see anything that sets them apart from Dakota.

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  2. Missing large
    Antiyonder  8 months ago

    1. Last hopeful off course comment, but to have an additional discussion outlet beyond just talking about recent strips and just some relaxing OT discussions, I made a TV Tropes thread for the series:

    Don’t be a stranger.

    2. Now for my bits on tonight:

    - Bet some of the Nicknames can’t even be said here:-(.

    - Yep contrary to what the popular folks think the world doesn’t always stop spinning for their benefit.

    - And Dakota gets some real nightmare fuel tonight:-).

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  3. Missing large
    codycab  8 months ago

    8 nicknames? What? They didn’t have anything better to do?

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  4. Hello kitty
    MollyGirl  8 months ago

    There is a strip where Dakota wants Pheobe to be cool with her friends so they can talk about goblins and unicorns. Not Alejandra, but the other two popular girls are in it. They sit around, talk, and look bored the whole time if I recall.

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  5. 050183f1 cde3 43dc 88f8 09278c0caf15
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  8 months ago

    what a eureka moment for Dakota

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  6. Figaro1
    Wilde Bill  8 months ago

    Right now Alexandra doesn’t have anything better to do. In a few years she’ll try to wrest control of a band from someone named Josie.

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  7. Gocomicsluna2
    Leojim  8 months ago

    Lots of truth in today’s strip.

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  8. Trollspry
    Enter.Name.Here  8 months ago

    Nerdy kids ignore “popular” kids because they are only popular among their own kind. To the nerds the others are the “self-centered, egotistical” kids.

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  9. Chileguy
    andacar  8 months ago

    True story. I was a dork’s dork. I didn’t even know who most of the popular kids were in high school, but twenty years later at a reunion the prom queen asked my why I never paid attention to her. Huh?

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  10. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  8 months ago

    It’s true, Phoebe. Sometimes, ignore-ance is truly bliss!

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  11. Fox spirit animal 3
    eddi_tbh  8 months ago

    If our egos were that delicate, we would become followers of someone like Dakota and mock people who don’t even pay attention to us.

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  12. 000 0557
    Darwinskeeper  8 months ago

    The thing is that nerds are passionately interested in other things, whether its their studies, certain kinds of music, video games, computer programming, ect… Why would they waste their time paying attention to boring people?

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  13. Fj7mhymdu3l41
    the thing is-  8 months ago

    there should be a tv show called, “Things that will make brains explode”

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  14. Missing large
    trainnut1956  8 months ago

    Yes. We nerdy kids had better things to do than pay attention to the popular kids.

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  15. 20141112 192913
    Aladar30 Premium Member 8 months ago

    Dakota’s path to kindness is still long, but she continues to go, one step after another, firmly.

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  16. Neo stryder avatar
    Neo Stryder  8 months ago

    Well, a nerd’s head has more things in the head than popular kids have.

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  17. Slogo3avatar
    scyphi26  8 months ago

    Welcome to reality, Dakota. We’ve been expecting you.

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  18. Notatroll
    Whatever happened to common sense?  8 months ago

    I’m sure Dakota has come up with at least eight names for Phoebe. I can think of two off the top of my head:

    1. Fobe (a mispronunciation of her name)

    2. Booger Princess

    Can anybody remember some of the others? I think one may have been “Dweeby Phoebe.”

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  19. Image
    TheArtist37  8 months ago

    I knew it. It’s that troublesome GIRL.

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  20. Missing large
    Thinkingblade  8 months ago

    The power of indifference is remarkable and underappreciated. Particularly now, in the time of social media, the degree to which figures are ignored drives an enormous amount of behavior.

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  21. Biden avatar 093
    Teto85 Premium Member 8 months ago

    And at the 20 year reunion the popular kids have gained 200 lbs, smoke 3 packs a day or are in jail. Or have 5 grand kids.

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  22. Missing large
    josh_bisbee  8 months ago

    I have a feeling Dakota was kicked out of the “Popular Girls” group because of Alejandra.

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  23. Naruto gifs 2
    NWdryad  8 months ago

    Nerdy kids are too smart to care.

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  24. Missing large
    Guy Steele Premium Member 8 months ago

    Today’s strip has an excellent insight!

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  25. Avatar bridgewinners
    ancientone Premium Member 8 months ago

    brilliant observation -☺︎

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  26. Rhadamanthus
    Craig Westlake  8 months ago

    I just dropped in to see what condition your condition is in,,,

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  27. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49  8 months ago

    I never payed any attention to the popular kids nor did I want to be one.

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  28. 51558
    ars731  8 months ago

    The character growth! It burns us!

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  29. 76d61a1e 24f8 4715 9907 6808c455736a
    neatslob Premium Member 8 months ago

    I was once told, don’t worry so much about what people think of you because, for the most part, they don’t.

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  30. Jem
    jerrica.benton333  10 days ago

    phoebe is “independently popular”

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