Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson for February 13, 2020

  1. Missing large
    codycab  over 2 years ago

    “If there were any justice in the world”… Buddy, you better get used to being disappointed.

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  2. Omav
    Averagemoe  over 2 years ago

    Okay, perhaps an entire town where everyone is perpetually celebrating valentines day sounds too cutesy for words. But in a perfect world, it’s a concept that works.

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  3. 595536163836702
    stellanova87  over 2 years ago

    Are we sure he’s a unicorn and not a donkey with a carrot and star stickers glued to him?

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  4. Manachan
    rpmurray  over 2 years ago

    I like how the temple arms of the glasses disappear in frame 2 and then magically re-appear in the next frame.

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  5. Hpqscan0023
    Q4horse  over 2 years ago

    A unicorn nerd. He must be the one who writes those magic apps Marigold keeps trying out.

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  6. Missing large
    aardvark138  over 2 years ago

    Even by unicorn standards, his vanity is off the charts.

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  7. Neo stryder avatar
    Neo Stryder  over 2 years ago

    I want to punch him in the face.

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  8. Yakko
    TheBigPickle  over 2 years ago

    Unfortunately, I know some Humans like him…

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  9. Missing large
    corpcasselbury  over 2 years ago

    Panel 4 gives the impression that Phoebe might not like him.

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  10. Missing large
    asrialfeeple  over 2 years ago

    Just what Phoebe needs. Another unicorn crushing on her. What he deserves is a good slap in the face.

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  11. Littloopy
    A R V reader  over 2 years ago

    A unicorn version of Artie Ziff. (Marge’s self-absorbed first date from The Simpsons)

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  12. 98711e3e 523b 4e71 8126 a0b7be28dbd3
    Femi Aminat  Premium Member over 2 years ago

    Someone needs contacts & an orthodontist…lol ;^)

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  13. Slogo3avatar
    scyphi26  over 2 years ago

    Phoebe is very much not impressed.

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  14. Mario500
    Mario500  over 2 years ago

    (sees text of “Tell us what you REALLY think” in the cartoon; believes the receiver of the “valentine” in the cartoon was really doing this in its first three panels).

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  15. Calvin and hobbes
    if(comicStrip == "funny") {return "laughter";}  over 2 years ago

    If there were any justice in the world, you wouldn’t exist.

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  16. Smokey stover
    sjsczurek  over 2 years ago

    He’s the unicorn version of Warty Bliggens.

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  17. Missing large
    Stephen Gilberg  over 2 years ago

    Well, at least his size helps his cuteness.

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  18. 2da50e14 ed37 4a72 af59 18b8d0ad242f
    AMBER1  over 2 years ago


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  19. Avatarfinal
    Stingy McDuck  over 2 years ago

    I feel this character is offensive to people with bad teeth, glasses and an healthy ego.

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  20. Rhadamanthus
    craigwestlake  over 2 years ago

    With those glasses and buck teeth, he looks more like a WWII Stereotype Japanese…

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  21. Tumblr mbbz3vrusj1qdlmheo1 250
    Night-Gaunt49  over 2 years ago

    I’m wondering if this is the real hiding unicorn as he really looks, but without the stars and a white horn.

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  22. 7a4ef906 8978 4d15 9867 a462d45121e1
    Josequeen   over 1 year ago

    Why is the tongue green?

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