Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson for December 25, 2012

  1. Pl1
    Masterius  almost 11 years ago

    Kinda like “The Gift of the Magi”, but with a decidely unicornish twist.

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  2. Destiny
    Destiny23  almost 11 years ago

    Wow, that’s some fancy font Marigold broke out for Christmas!

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  3. Phoebe
    kaykeyser  almost 11 years ago

    Oh and Merry Christmas to All my fellow HN fans, Equestrian owners, Unicorn lovers and the writers and Artists who bring magic to life and especially to THE one artist and writer who brings magic to life every day for all of us. This is a great community to be in and I feel bad no one I invited has ever yet joined us. This has truly been the BEST strip of the year and I hope to see it animated and voiced and fan arted and made in to a book and toys and stuff and poked fun of world l wide. The world should know it and love it and think of it warmly. As often as I think of how well it could be a drama or an action story This strip has gone every day in exactingly the right direction. There has never been a bad one or a filler. Its not the next Calen and Hobbs its (to me at least) the next For Better or Worse because of how offten the story has given me feelings besides laughter and how I hope it eventually goes, consistent character development and evolution rather then a strip like Red & Rover that is always just two friends telling jokes but never growing or being more then they once were. So to Dana especially great job. The cast is an influence in my life as if my avatar wasn’t enough to tell and I, not a bronioe, find this more enjoyable then MLP and it makes me appreciate unicorns.

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  4. Smokey stover
    sjsczurek  almost 11 years ago

    Marigold’s first Christmas!Merry Christmas, everybody!

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  5. Missing large
    tazz555  almost 11 years ago

    Its the gift that keeps on giving

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  6. Img 7448
    Happy, happy, happy!!! Premium Member almost 11 years ago

    Merry christmas Dana.Thank you for the fun strip.

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  7. Flame
    ame_baby  almost 11 years ago

    Thank you for the gift of this strip, Dana. ♥

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  8. Missing large
    Comic Minister Premium Member almost 11 years ago

    I know Phoebe.

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  9. Funny face1
    siggygirl2  almost 11 years ago

    Merry Christmas Dana! And to all fellow Marigold and Phoebe fans!

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  10. Missing large
    Ironhold  almost 11 years ago

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

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  11. Animated
    listmom  almost 11 years ago

    Merry Christmas Dana! Thank you for your stories and wonderful art!

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