Phil Hands for May 24, 2021

  1. Pine marten3
    martens  4 months ago

    Apparently, although she doesn’t support the Big Lie about the election, she is nonetheless all in with the voter restriction laws being proposed by the R’s. Her “support for democracy” comes with a teeny-weeny actual support for the reality of it. It’s OK to block citizens from voting, but not OK to question the result of an election? Cognitive dissonance?

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  2. Missing large
    briangj2  4 months ago

    The six weeks since Election Day have seen much of the Republican Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, turn fully against American democracy.

    Trump’s allies and abettors, including more than 100 lawmakers and 18 Republican state attorneys general, tried to poison our political system in the service of a personality cult. Theirs is a veneration driven not by high ideals but by fear, resentment and a transparent desire to maintain power for its own sake.

    Their allies in the right-wing media ecosphere have increased the volume so much that a majority of Republicans now believe the election was stolen from Trump, despite Biden’s clear and overwhelming victory. Trump and his Republican allies continue to degrade the electoral process and talk of continued challenges, all to feed the ego of a malignant narcissist who refuses to concede his decisive defeat.

    We must combat these forces, everywhere and all the time. It will take the dedication of citizens of all political beliefs to recognize that what Trumpism represents is far outside the American mainstream. Progressives will need to join with conservatives. Independents will need to join the army of decency and democracy.

    (To be continued)

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  3. Missing large
    briangj2  4 months ago


    Trump’s camp followers, such as Stephen K. Bannon, Alex Jones, Fox News, OAN, Newsmax and many others, will not stop actively injecting disinformation into the country’s air supply. They are highly skilled, and we must not underestimate their ability to pull us apart and keep us divided. Trump’s helpmates have called for honorable public officials to be beheaded, drawn and quartered and taken outside to be shot. They are living proof of what former president Ronald Reagan said: “Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

    Today, it is not too much to say that we are only one election from the end of the American experiment. Until and unless we excise and remove Trumpism from American life, the foundations of our democracy — that make all the other arguments and actions possible — will collapse. We cannot allow this on our watch.

    We must also understand why 74 million Americans thought Trump was a better option than Biden. Despite using the Oval Office for his own gain, making a mockery of the presidency and allowing covid-19 to rampage across the nation, voters of all stripes made this choice.

    Why? Perhaps a third are the MAGA faithful. Another third bought into the blatant fearmongering around “socialism” and “defund the police.” The last 25 million or so voters? They most likely have always voted Republican and cannot imagine doing otherwise. Regardless of their reasoning, we must begin communicating with these voters who have fallen in line behind a megalomaniac with authoritarian goals.

    (To be concluded)

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  4. Missing large
    briangj2  4 months ago


    Those of us who voted for Biden and Harris must remember that our coalition is our best offense and defense. Though we will not agree on everything, we must march forward together against the forces of authoritarianism. We must fight for the foundations of a democratic society: A new voting rights act. A new civil rights act. Increased election security and a commitment to keep foreign actors out of our elections.

    Lastly, we must identify, call out, and repudiate any and all false information, lies and fiction with which the Republican Party and its allies infect the American political bloodstream. We must remind people that open sewer pipes such as Facebook and Parler are the propagators of authoritarian belief, racism and white-nationalist terror.

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  5. Chinese sheep 001
    Michael G.  4 months ago

    By rights, this should be a one-reeler.

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  6. Missing large
    ferddo  4 months ago

    Not hard to be surprised about Democrats being entertained by the GQP attacking its own members… especially when those same GQPs love to attack Democrats as well…

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  7. Missing large
    PraiseofFolly  4 months ago

    A B-movie — “B” for Baloney. Something fishy about this whole situation. The finished movie might end up titled, “Cheney Unchained.” She IS the daughter of Dick Cheney, one of the craftiest former pols in government, and how many hearts has he worn out so far?

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  8. Anger
    grumpypophobart  4 months ago

    However, it’s the trashy horror show that is preventing anything from being done for the US people. Their sworn objective is to block everything (except more idiots from joining their ranks).

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  9. Missing large
    Olddog04  4 months ago

    Cheney is just experiencing KARMA. Cannibalism is a natural progression for this dying party.

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  10. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  4 months ago

    She’s filth. Slightly rational filth, but a truly AWFUL person. Like her father.

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  11. Toughcat
    bakana  4 months ago

    So far, Cheney looks like she might be the “Last Girl Standing” in this horror flick.

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  12. Paul f rst  der doctor schnabel von rom  coloured version
    @Rad-ish  Premium Member 4 months ago

    Zombie loser republicans with their dead end lies.

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