Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis for September 17, 2019


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  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY Premium Member 10 months ago

    You forgot the fright house in between the carousel and the finial plunge off the roller coaster.

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  2. Missing large
    garcoa  10 months ago

    And you forgot the times you “tossed your cookies” after eating cotton candy.

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  3. Photo
    Robin Harwood  10 months ago

    And that you have to keep on paying money for it.

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  4. Missing large
    finkd  10 months ago

    Panel # 4 : “Final Destination”.

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  5. Fat freddy s cat   edited
    Guilty Bystander  10 months ago

    And why won’t those rubber-tipped darts pop the balloons?

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  6. I yam who i yam
    Kind&Kinder  10 months ago

    It’s the rare soufflé that doesn’t fall or cave in the oven of life.

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  7. Bellacgh cleaner
    Chithing Premium Member 10 months ago

    Some days you’re the carousel, and some days you just go off the rails. I can’t even remember the carousel.

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  8. Crazyforkedindianpalmsquirrel max 1mb
    B UTTONS  10 months ago

    Just another average election cycle.

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  9. Sammy on gocomics
    Say What Now‽ Premium Member 10 months ago

    You can’t win those games because they are fixed against you. That’s life.

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  10. Picture
    EcurbYkspohs  10 months ago

    Another Debbie Downer arch …..Stephan did you buy the Sam’s Club Mega bottle of those pills ? …. Croc Power !

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  11. Missing large
    WMORAN1  10 months ago

    It’s more like ‘your bank account needs to be this tall to get on this ride.’

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  12. Ignatz
    Ignatz Premium Member 10 months ago

    Because they are one millimeter wider than the bottle lip, the bottle is glass, and the ring is spinning.

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  13. Hopper oneal mini
    YippiKiAyMofo  10 months ago

    Pffft! Life is great! I’m 55 and lovin’ every minute of it!

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  14. Lwp2
    nitromicro  10 months ago

    I loved those carnival games, so deliciously crooked. I loved watching people play.

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  15. Af974ddf 8afb 4b1c 859e 8bb9cf064fd1
    Zebrastripes  10 months ago

    Life is just a bunch of bumps and curves….depending how you handle them is how your life will go…

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  16. Missing large
    david_42  10 months ago

    Some of us chose to watch the shows and not worry about the prizes.

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  17. Calvin   hobbes   calvin
    erik.vanthienen  10 months ago

    “And the seasons they go round and round And the painted ponies go up and down We’re captive on the carousel of time We can’t return we can only look behind From where we came …”

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  18. Picture
    EllisAmirRogersArcher  10 months ago

    Every day with those carney guys.

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  19. South park john
    OshkoshJohn  10 months ago

    Pastis doesn’t knock it out of the park every day, but this is great!

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  20. C0f0d5c7 e87a 41ba 947f f2c872d0c3a6
    DCBakerEsq  10 months ago

    There’s always the Tunnel of Love. But, that, too, ends.

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  21. Drs 1656
    #Rad-ish  Premium Member 10 months ago

    The barkers on the midway each one trying to get you to give them money to see their misrepresented amusements.

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  22. Copy of msg apa181
    The Brooklyn Accent  10 months ago

    And you gotta wait on line forever to get on anything good.

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  23. Coexist
    Bookworm  10 months ago

    When I was young (lo, those many, many years ago), I loved amusement parks and carnivals. The happy noises, the glaring, lurid lights, the barkers seeking to separate cash from the marks, the smells of all that food that really wasn’t good for you, seemed wonderful to me. Now that I am old, and know it’s all boffo and scam, I still find myself wanting to return to a carnival or amusement park just to see if that ignorant, innocent, carefree, and easily awestruck boy is still within me.

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  24. Ultaman les paul
    jvn  10 months ago

    Don’t forget the food poisoning you get from the “treats”.

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  25. Missing large
    bonob  10 months ago

    What is the meaning of Pig’s punchline, “why won’t the ring stay on the bottle”?

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  26. Dp
    All the dinosaurs feared the T-Rex  10 months ago

    OMG, this is so accurate!

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  27. Nowyoulisten
    zeexenon  10 months ago

    It’s likely most don’t get out of it without pain and suffering even with hospice.

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  28. Coyote3
    bhamdodger  10 months ago

    How bad can a cartoonist’s life be?

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  29. Brain guy dancing hg clr
    Concretionist  10 months ago

    I always disliked carnival rides (which was the only form amusement parks came in where I grew up). Carnivals were okay because cotton candy and (sometimes) elephant ears; but even as a kid I could see what kind of people were (not) doing maintenance on those rides. Plus I get dizzy just thinking  about getting on a merry go round, and the real thing has seriously unpleasant consequences for me _and_the people downwind of me…

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  30. Thinker
    Sisyphos  10 months ago

    This is why I avoided the “higher, faster, scarier” roller coasters. I always liked the unwinnable shooting galleries. And old, defunct Riverview in Chicago had a b-b machine gun gallery where you couldn’t hit anything, but it was great fun!

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  31. 28090 1301616782417 5094323 n
    parkerinthehouse  10 months ago

    How come we never see the cat?

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  32. I yam who i yam
    Kind&Kinder  10 months ago

    All this proves is that Will Shakespeare was right: all the world’s a stage. Turns out it’s a Twilight Zone set.

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  33. Dragon
    Asharah  10 months ago

    “And the seasons, they go round and round,

    And the painted ponies go up and down.

    We’re captive on a carousel of time.

    We can’t return, we can only look, behind from where we came,

    And go round and round and round in the circle game.

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