Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis for August 13, 2019


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  1. Img 0910
    BE THIS GUY Premium Member 10 days ago

    Pig has been getting it right all along.

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  2. Missing large
    ale313  10 days ago

    Who built this box

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  3. Photo
    Robin Harwood  10 days ago

    More? More than cheese?

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  4. Peru monkey
    sirbadger  10 days ago

    God wanted to take a vacation from smiting.

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  5. 20071112 einstein
    hariseldon59  10 days ago

    What a cheesy strip.

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  6. Catsanddogsportrait
    DennisinSeattle Premium Member 10 days ago

    Wait a minute, that answer was meant for Pig.

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  7. Crazyforkedindianpalmsquirrel max 1mb
    B UTTONS  10 days ago

    I am sorry – I did not understand your question. / Please state your question. / I am sorry – I did not understand your question. / Please state your question. / I am sorry – I did not understand your question. / Some guy Pastis put you here on earth for Robo-Operators’ amusement. / Please state your question. / I am sorry – I did not understand your question. / Please state your question. / I am sorry – I did not understand your question.

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  8. Screenshot 163
    Cminuscomics&stories Premium Member 10 days ago

    I thought we were put here to be eaten.

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  9. Flash
    pschearer Premium Member 10 days ago

    Now if it had said MELTED cheese, . . . .

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  10. Blunebottle
    blunebottle  10 days ago

    It is, after all, Rat’s Box O’ Answers.

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  11. Bluedog
    Bilan  10 days ago

    Ergo, cows were put on Earth to help us fulfill our destiny.

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  12. 1628996 t1
    enigmamz  10 days ago

    Eh, I don’t care for cheese as a general rule.

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  13. 100 3924
    jessie d. Premium Member 10 days ago

    expecting to find more cheese on his pizza is the real complaint here.

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  14. Out little avatar
    dadoctah  10 days ago

    Reply hazy. Ask again later.

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  15. Missing large
    Buzzworld  10 days ago


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  16. Missing large
    asrialfeeple  10 days ago

    I think the AI might be biased.

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  17. Guitar
    kilioopu  10 days ago

    All those poor lactose intolerant people have no purpose to life?

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  18. Picture 001
    rshive  10 days ago

    Sounds like a good enough reason to me.

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  19. Avatar 2475
    Troglodyte  10 days ago

    So cheese gets Goat’s goat? What about goat’s cheese?

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  20. 581372 3160808303047 1311892651 n
    dlkrueger33  10 days ago

    “Is That All There Is?” -

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  21. Gentbear3b1a
    Gent  10 days ago

    I’ve been put here to eat Pig and Goat.

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  22. Picture
    EcurbYkspohs  10 days ago

    Must have Wine to go with the cheese ! …. Croc Power !

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  23. C53dea45 0301 4c83 825e 752a646f6595 236 00000009d87191be tmp
    katzenbooks45  10 days ago

    Sweet dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to dis a Brie? I travel the world and the seven seas. Everybody’s lookin’ for cheddar.

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  24. Rise the moon 20161228 101130603 c50
    Andrew Sleeth Premium Member 10 days ago

    Ever noticed how Donald Trump responds to every question and situation like a Magic 8 Ball? No matter the topic, it’s always, “Maybe, maybe not. I don’t know. We’ll see.” The guy’s a living kid’s toy.

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  25. 1be5f3b2 0fd4 40fd ad1f 69b3df564ed4
    Zebrastripes  10 days ago

    THE BOX kowtows to the asker!

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  26. Missing large
    bbbmorrell  10 days ago

    enough for me!

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  27. Missing large
    silverclaw33  10 days ago

    Checks out.

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  28. 023
    Queen of America Premium Member 10 days ago

    The box o’answers is fake. The correct answer is to eat Oreos.

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  29. Hopper oneal mini
    YippiKiAyMofo  10 days ago

    Well, yeah, Goat. You can’t eat the cheese without a brew to wash it down.

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  30. Missing large
    Ukko wilko  10 days ago

    Damn lactose intolerance, now I’ll never fulfill my purpose.

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  31. Missing large
    leomags  10 days ago

    So did I………………………………………………..

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  32. Agent gates130516four
    Radish Premium Member 10 days ago

    Cheese toast and Pizza.

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  33. Images
    Reader  10 days ago

    Listen to that box: whisper words of wisdom, let it brie, let it brie.

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  34. Packrat
    Packratjohn Premium Member 10 days ago

    What? No crackers?

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  35. Missing large
    uniquename  10 days ago

    NO. It was because nature needed plastic!

    - the bible according to George Carlin

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  36. Kentucky colonels
    richardjohnsonvp  10 days ago

    We were put on Earth to fart around, if Kurt Vonnegut is to be believed.

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  37. Img 0356
    kd1sq  10 days ago

    There is nothing so tasty as a good Cheddar.

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  38. C0f0d5c7 e87a 41ba 947f f2c872d0c3a6
    DCBakerEsq  10 days ago

    Blue cheese.

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  39. Missing large
    feverjr  10 days ago

    “Moe, Larry, the cheese…. Moe, Larry, the cheese…”

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  40. 1017207 10200214106421862 492754112 n
    Cameron1988 Premium Member 10 days ago

    To suffer the consequences

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  41. Td icon60
    hmofo813 Premium Member 10 days ago

    Dude, the cheese isn’t going to eat itself.

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  42. Freedom
    bookworm0812  10 days ago

    Sounds like a good enough reason to me!

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  43. Kxb20eni normal
    JoePaulson2  9 days ago

    I was watching an episode of the original Star Trek and an unhinged officer was in charge of the Enterprise and at one point it looked like he was eating slices of cheese.

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  44. Purplepeopleeater small
  45. Snoopy
    Pedmar Premium Member 9 days ago

    and ice cream

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  46. 3hands
    Concretionist  9 days ago

    Somebody has to do it!

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  47. Caturday club pic
    diverleo  9 days ago

    Works for me.

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  48. Hotmail image
    Klepsis  9 days ago

    When will someone ask the box about the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?

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  49. Nowyoulisten
    zeexenon  9 days ago

    I finished mine for today almost an hour ago. Now, to wash it down with pizza.

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  50. Get smart shoe phone
    gopher gofer  9 days ago

    of course, to eat cheese you have to cut the cheese…

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  51. Thinker
    Sisyphos  9 days ago

    You mean, like, cheese and crackers? And maybe also stuffed green olives?

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  52. Picture
    CarlHeckman  6 days ago

    Shouldn’t Rat’s box say “Drink beer”?

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