Jun 1, 2013
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Rat:  I've finally reached the conclusion that I'm just not friendly or social enough.
Goat:  So?
Rat:  So I've invented something that will allow me to go to parties and be social, but not too social.
Goat:  What is it?
Rat:  The Friendly Box.
Goat:  How's it work?
Rat:  I'll show you. Pretend we're at a party and you ask me a question.
Goat:  Hey...uh...have you tried the dip?
Rat:  No. No I have not.
Goat:  What are you doing?
Rat:  I'm sticking out my leg. It's what I call 'Limited Social Interaction'.
Goat:  Its what I call someone who won't be invited to a lot of parties.
Rat:  Come a little closer to the friendly box and say that.
Pig:  Well, look who's being social!
Jun 3, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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