Jan 5, 2013
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Man:  Excuse me, but are you the cartoonist who made fun of polka music a while back?
Stephan:  I guess. Who are you?
Man:  E.O.R.
Rat:  Eeyore?
Man:  E.O.R...easily offended reader.
Stephan:  Well, what's wrong with making fun of polka music?
Man:  Polish people pay polka's offensive to Polish people.
Stephan:  But I didn't even mention Polish people...what if I just make fun of accordions?
Man:  Polish people play accordions. Still offensive.
Stephan:  What if I just make fun of music? 
Man:  Polish people play music.
Man:  Ohmygawd...fine..I'll make fun of...uh...tetherball! Is that okay with you??
Man:  No.
Stephan:  What now?
Man:  It has a pole. Could be viewed as a veiled reference.
Rat:  I say go ahead and make fun of Polish people.
Stephan:  I give up.
Man:  Hey, make fun of Russians. Now they've got it coming.
Jan 7, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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