Nov 10, 2012
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Pig:  Fruit for sale! Fruit for sale! Hey, neighbor Betty, whatsa matter?
Betty:  My boyfriend and I ran off secretly to get married, but my parents caught us.
Pig:  Why'd you want to get married that way?
Betty:  Because my parents are insisting on this big formal wedding, and we don't want that.
Pig:  So now what?
Betty:  So now we're banned from trying to run off again. And if we do try we're forever written out of their will.
Pig:  Gosh, I'm sorry, Betty. How 'bout some homegrown fruit to take your mind off things?
Betty:  Sure, Pig. Whatcha got?
Betty:  Oh Gaawwd.
Pig:  A simple 'no' would suffice.
Nov 12, 2012
Small u 201701251613

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