Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis for October 12, 2011


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  1. E
    LLABDDO  over 9 years ago

    That’s not just a list Pig. It’s also a schedule, now stop standing around whining, and get to work.

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  2. Missing large
    JerryTheK  over 9 years ago

    Luann the same theme

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  3. Missing large
    Banjo Evans  over 9 years ago

    I make the list or I made the list.

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  4. Thinker
    Sisyphos  over 9 years ago

    Sweet, naive and gullible Pig! What would Rat do without you to pick on?

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  5. Missing large
    eddie6192  over 9 years ago

    By the time that dumb Pig adds on # 51, Rat will probably think up more chores for the list.

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  6. Missing large
    patsysutcliffe Premium Member over 9 years ago

    I’m hoping Rat gets another comeuppance soon, preferably at the hands of Pig.

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  7. Nebulous100
    Nebulous Premium Member over 9 years ago

    Does the list mention that Rat makes the list?If not, Pig should add that he(Pig) gets to make it next. He won’t, but he should.

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  8. Missing large
    Kydex29  over 9 years ago

    I never noticed that Rat’s a southpaw.

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  9. Chibi robo 2
    Chibi-robo64  over 9 years ago

    Rat is so lazy, but he will find another highly detailed and worded excuse for it if you tell him that.

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  10. Yellow pig small
    bmonk  over 9 years ago

    Rat’s “Pig” list is a lousy idea.

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  11. 11 06 126
    Varnes  over 9 years ago

    Hey, he had to write more than just Pig 50 times….the chores also…..

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  12. 80eaf3d1 f7db 45e1 8f0e f63b4946b08f
    Dr Sheriff MB esq PhD DML   over 9 years ago

    sounds like my list at home on the fridge….

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  13. 20071112 einstein
    hariseldon59  over 9 years ago

    Why write “Pig” 50 times? Put it in a spreadsheet and hit “fill down”.

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  14. Airbrush 20210404141838
    Number Three  over 9 years ago

    He’s not your slave Rat!

    Poor Pig!


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  15. Missing large
    Silvertiger  over 9 years ago

    If Pig had a mind he’d just jump on rat right then.

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  16. Right here
    Sherlock Watson  over 9 years ago

    Rat’s Rule Nº 12: Never put off ’til tomorrow what you can get someone else to do today.

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  17. Img thing
    drawingpad  over 9 years ago

    You seriously think pig is going to do all that work?

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  18. Avatar1 65
    Snoopy_Fan  over 9 years ago

    Hey! Pig should say… “I have an idea: You clean toilets while I’m off shopping. Then, to make things even, I’ll take a bath while you run errands! Doesn’t THAT sound fair???”

    Okay, I know it’s not really original but it WOULD fit this situation, don’t you think? :-)

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  19. Avatar1 65
    Snoopy_Fan  over 9 years ago

    Okay, Rat! So you made the list. Big freakin’ deal!!! Did you check it twice? :-)


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  20. Pigita lrg
    ElleOhElle06  over 9 years ago

    Corporate and Working Class… ahh the parodys!

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  21. 961691f3 74c8 4389 8efd 49ff6c97fe88
    jackproarty  almost 3 years ago

    Rat said his writing hand is his left but later uses his right.

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  22. Image
    Comicness7  over 2 years ago

    It seems everyone freaks out about spelling mitsakes in everyone’s comment.

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  23. Large screenshot 2021 03 15 at 10.23.11 am
    Bye Bye Jeffy  about 2 months ago

    so rat is left handed? he is looking at his left hand while saying ‘massage rats writing hand’

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