Peanuts by Charles Schulz for January 29, 2016

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    Templo S.U.D.  about 7 years ago

    “And loving a music man ain’t always what it supposed to be.” ~Steve Perry

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  2. Pictures 087
    Baarorso  about 7 years ago

    Lucy can’t be that clueless. Surely she gets the hint (however unsubtle it may be) that Linus isn’t interested in her, has never been interested in her and never will be interested in her.

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  3. Dt
    JohnFarson19  about 7 years ago

    This happened to a friend of mine. This girl got an epic crush on him. When he didn’t reciprocate, she tormented him. She beat him up, stole his bike etc.

    They have been married for about 25 years now.

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  4. Me smiling  4.25.19
    unclebob53703 Premium Member about 7 years ago

    Schroeder needs a new piano and Lucy needs a shrink.

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  5. Missing large
    jon  about 7 years ago

    Lucy is a narcissist and can’t believe that anybody could reject her. She see the rejection as a challenge to be overcome by her fabulous charm.

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  6. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member about 7 years ago

    I’d like to feed Lucy to the sharks.

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  7. Jem character raya large 570x420
    cubswin2016  about 7 years ago

    To the moon, Lucy!

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  8.  1
    cindyorch  about 7 years ago

    will someone pleeease slap her upside the head????

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  9. 8
    MJKesquire  about 7 years ago

    Why does Schroeder even let Lucy in his house??He should tell his parents not to let her in!

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  10. Avatar
    Marblemouth  about 7 years ago

    I thought Schroeder had a hall closet completely filled with extra pianos.

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  11. Stewiebrian
    pouncingtiger  about 7 years ago

    Schroeder, throw Lucy up the tree.

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  12. Avatar
    neverenoughgold  about 7 years ago

    I’m wondering if Stephen King got the idea for Misery from watching Lucy and Schroeder…

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  13. Screenshot 20221220 144608 photos
    Number Three  almost 7 years ago

    Just walk away, Schroeder.

    She’s so ain’t worth it!


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  14. Avatar tmp 56884 thumb
    orinoco womble  almost 7 years ago

    Lucy doesn’t want attention “once in awhile.” She wants his undivided attention and devotion all the time. Every minute, day and night. She’ll grow up to be a stalker.

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  15. 0701160940
    Aaron Saltzer  almost 7 years ago

    Then she’d miss him probably. Haha

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  16. Avatar1 65
    Snoopy_Fan  almost 7 years ago

    I love your avatar, Number Three!

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  17. Cattitude and doggonit avatar
    the humorist formerly known as Hotshot1984 Premium Member almost 7 years ago

    No Lucy, somebody should throw “you” up a tree.

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  18. Cathy aack Premium Member almost 7 years ago


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