Peanuts by Charles Schulz for August 22, 1966

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    jbott566  almost 13 years ago

    Peppermint patty Welcome to the Strip

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  2. Coyote 5a
    valheru  over 12 years ago

    Peppermint patty!

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  3. Bildklein
    oldmanbob  over 12 years ago

    Pappermint Patty. :)

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    supersexyghotmew95  about 12 years ago

    HI PATTY2!

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    CartoonDog90  over 11 years ago

    This is the first appearance of Peppermint Patty. Along with Roy, she lived in a neighborhood different from Charlie Brown’s. Patty began as a friendly rival to Charlie Brown and his baseball team. She gained other traits such as flunking school and having a crush on Charlie Brown. She kept her tomboyish trait throughout the years, and other characters often mistaken her for a boy.Schulz created Peppermint Patty after he looked at a dish of peppermint candies. There is this story of Schulz wanting to write a strip separate from “Peanuts” featuring the character. That would’ve been cool.

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    MrJamie1062  about 11 years ago

    Yes, this cartoon did mark Peppermint Patty’s debut.

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    TheSoundDefense  over 10 years ago

    Unfortunately for Patty, the definition of “swinger” has changed a bit over 45 years.

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  8. Rick
    davidf42  over 8 years ago

    Here is a list of the Peanuts kids and pets introduced so far, in the order of their appearance, along with the dates.1. Shermy – 10-02-502. Patti – 10-02-503. Charlie Brown – 10-02-504. Snoopy – 10-04-505. Violet Gray – 02-07-516. Schroeder – 05-30-517. Lucy Van Pelt – 03-03-528. Linus Van Pelt – 09-19-529. Pigpen – 07-13-5410. Charlotte Braun – 11-30-5411. Sally Brown – 08-23-5912. Frieda – 03-06-6113. Faron – 05-23-6114. Little Red Haired Girl – 11-19-6115. 555 95472 – 09-30-6316. 3 95472 – 10-17-6317. 4 95472 – 10-17-6318. Roy – 06-11-6519. Peppermint Patty – 08-22-66

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    MrJamie1062  almost 8 years ago

    Happy 50th birthday, Peppermint Patty! Yup, it was 50 years ago today,which is indeed August 22, 2016, when Schulz had created Peppermint Patty for Peanuts, and this strip was published.

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    jtyroler  almost 8 years ago

    There was a movie around this time starring Ann-Margaret called “The Swinger,” in which she tried pretending that she was a sexually adventurous young woman going to orgies, etc.

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    DanWolfie  about 5 years ago

    One of my favorite Peanuts characters! I recall one reason Schulz created Peppermint Patty was to have a girl character that liked Charlie Brown, because other girls like Violet, the original Patty, and ESPECIALLY Lucy would always be mean to Charlie (Lucy was mean to just about everyone, but Violet and the original Patty would solely pick on Charlie Brown.)

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    thepinkbaroness  almost 4 years ago

    Welcome, Peppermint Patty!! :D :D

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    Nate Wright!  almost 3 years ago

    FIRST APPEARANCE OF PEPPERMINT PATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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    Avatar???  over 1 year ago

    Her debut

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    laurie m  6 months ago

    Best character

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