Over the Hedge by T Lewis and Michael Fry for January 19, 2022

  1. Missing large
    joegee  7 months ago

    Verne is revealed to be god-like. It will probably end with a cow falling on him.

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  2. Brad tele
    jpsomebody  7 months ago

    His morning breath must be ferocious.

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  3. Missing large
    GreasyOldTam  7 months ago

    Verne hibernates? I thought he spent the winter in the neighbor’s hot tub.

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  4. Missing large
    Doug K  7 months ago

    Fartuga could be also be another Jeff Dunham character that talks out of his …

    He would work well with Peanut.

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  5. N1495118875 241922 2408
    Ermine Notyours  7 months ago

    This could be a ploy to get another movie. Superheros are big.

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  6. 2006 afl collingwood
    nosirrom  7 months ago

    Al least he’s not Fartligula.

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  7. Missing large
    juicebruce  7 months ago

    Verne you will now need a Cape ;-)

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  8. Bing sunflowers
    Chithing Premium Member 7 months ago

    I think I’ll save my “hails” for someone who’s a bit more warm-blooded. Like the cow!

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  9. Purplepeopleeater small
    Purple People Eater  7 months ago

    If breathing through his butt is his super power, what’s his weakness?

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  10. Dscn0307
    FrannieL Premium Member 7 months ago

    This brought a LOL this morning.

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  11. Magnet m
    Ellis97  7 months ago

    Boy, Micheal Fry and T. Lewis really did their homework.

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  12. Maxwell smart  confused
    TimBenzedrine  7 months ago


    Now all I can think about is….

    Should it just be considered “snoring” instead of “farting”???

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  13. Cave cat
    CaveCat87  7 months ago

    They never let Verne finish what he’s trying to say. I mean, can’t they just shut up for at least one minute?!

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  14. Odin
    Holden Awn  7 months ago

    My personal fart superpower involves speed clearing a room….

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  15. Triscele
    txmystic  7 months ago

    Verne is testudo fartii

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  16. Photo
    ArtClogg1  7 months ago

    Call Websters. There is a new candidate for word of the year.

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  17. Andrew s mug
    Andrew Bosch Premium Member 7 months ago

    Mystery Men had the Spleen. Over the Hedge has Verne.

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