One Big Happy by Rick Detorie for October 02, 2019


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  1. Missing large
    jpayne4040  2 months ago

    Ouch! I literally cringed at this one!

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  2. 07 gans hineigh redbg
    The Pro from Dover  2 months ago

    Hey! Go get your diapers changed!

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  3. Fb img 1516982044221
    jagedlo  2 months ago

    Time to throw the garbage (and you know who I mean, Ruthie) out!

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  4. Missing large
    Ilvrose  2 months ago

    Ruthie will be a wonderful caregiver after school when she gets older. She can spell mom and dad with bathing, medications, diapers, etc. in case he becomes infirm and needs help and watched over. Socializing with people who are his peers and having opportunities for fun and stimulating activities with them to foster a sense of independence and dignity once he can’t fully take care of himself isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. It’s a choice. Emphasis on choice. Kudos to Cylene’s parents for making sure she visits her grandparent(s) and is obviously engaged in what goes on in assisted living facilities for those who need professional assistance. Maybe it will inspire her to become one of those angels who work their tails off to make sure grandpa and gramma are cared for properly.

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  5. Missing large
    wtepps  2 months ago

    What are you babbling about? Seems a little early to be drinking, but hey to each their own.

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  6. Picture
    walstib  2 months ago

    Cylene, your turn will come.

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  7. Bth baby puppies1111111111 1
    kab2rb  2 months ago

    I used to think that way when Cylene’s age, and no I grew up poor. Then I did take care of my age 90 mom until she turned age 92 and passed.

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  8. Small u 201701251613
    Teddy bear Premium Member 2 months ago

    How old was the grandfather? Age is just a number. M y mother was 100 and live alone, took care of itself. O ne in 1 million.

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  9. Missing large
    m b  2 months ago

    Cylene is an evil character in this strip

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  10. Missing large
    fix-n-fly  2 months ago

    No brat, she was playing with her Grandfather! Better than playing in your crib with you Cylene!

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  11. Missing large
    Argy.Bargy2  2 months ago

    The hatred poured out on elderly people in this country at this time by the arrogant among the young will come back to them in serious spades when any children THEY have (having absorbed that hatred) decide to go to court to get them declared incompetent, seize their funds, and pack them off to the most neglectful of nursing prisons (excuse me, nursing ‘homes’), where there are insufficient staff and they are left tied to their beds all day, unable to reach their food tray or get anyone to change their adult diapers.

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