Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller for June 24, 2019

  1. Egil skallagrimsson
    Kveldulf  over 4 years ago

    The TMI Age? Or, looking at the sign on the side of Burt’s booth, the useless information age.

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  2. Egil skallagrimsson
    Kveldulf  over 4 years ago

    Thank god Burt is half hidden in that kiosk.

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  3. Carabao 1  751647
    whitecarabao  over 4 years ago

    This is an example of “too much information”

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  4. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma  over 4 years ago

    The traffic control says it all.

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  5. Cat 2
    kwells328  over 4 years ago

    That’s called, too much information.

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  6. Samvadi fb
    in.amongst  over 4 years ago

    Yes! Here we are – one way or another!

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  7. Plsa button
    Richard S Russell Premium Member over 4 years ago

    I take the sign on the hutch to mean “Information about Burt”.

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  8. Sammy on gocomics
    Say What Now‽ Premium Member over 4 years ago

    Yes, Burt, we all needed to know that./s

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  9. Edwin photo 2
    santa72404  over 4 years ago

    That’s right Burt no need for sweaty balls.

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  10. Img 20220429 172951833 2
    kaffekup   over 4 years ago

    An answer to a question no one asked.

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  11. Psx 20180717 164642
    Watcher  over 4 years ago

    That 70’s philosophy has worked its way into Burt’s brain. If it feels good, do it.

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  12. Millionchimps1
    tripwire45  over 4 years ago

    Another news flash from CNN.

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  13. Large tv test pattern  color
    Lyons Group, Inc.  over 4 years ago

    That’s TMI nobody should know.

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  14. Desron14
    Masterskrain Premium Member over 4 years ago

    And on warm days like this, a Kilt is REALLY the way to go!

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  15. Gocomic avatar
    sandpiper  over 4 years ago

    Not a picture I want to carry all day.

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  16. Missing large
    1953Baby  over 4 years ago

    Good move. . .you’re out of the basement. . . ;)

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  17. Missing large
    Display  over 4 years ago

    Not information but a shorts story.

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  18. 1628996 t1
    enigmamz  over 4 years ago

    The perfect job for Greg Cote.

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  19. Missing large
    RandomPeanuts  over 4 years ago

    The “too much information” booth.

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  20. 8863814b f9b6 46ec 9f21 294d3e529c09
    mattro65  over 4 years ago

    Just because today is the TMI day, I think going commando is the way to go no matter what the weather. Wearing shorts is like putting your stuff in a prison. Just think of the movie, “Born Free” , or, as I like to tell my boys, “Wee wee be free!” . There’s one piece of information I need. Why is it called going commando?

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  21. Pirate63
    Linguist  over 4 years ago

    Ban Burt’s Butt & Ballocks Bulletins!

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  22. Missing large
    ascha35-gocomics  over 4 years ago

    Had to google that. Live and learn.

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  23. Calvin   hobbes   playtime in snow avatar flipped
    Andrew Sleeth  over 4 years ago

    Why just save it for the warm days, I say.

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  24. Image
    magicwalnut Premium Member over 4 years ago

    Wish I could, but what if I sneeze?

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  25. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member over 4 years ago

    Shouldn’t the sign say: More than you want to know?

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  26. Noodleman 2  2
    Cornelius Noodleman  over 4 years ago

    Does he need a permit?

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  27. Missing large
    the lost wizard  over 4 years ago

    Just the bare facts.

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  28. 8d0c6350 03cc 4e56 b7d8 76a2ee0fd35a
    poopsypoo Premium Member about 4 years ago

    Burt’s got the right idea. We girls can’t go that route. We’re inverted, not extroverted! tee hee

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