Jan 9, 2016
Small u 201701251612
From his fortress of incumbency, our hero of the people spots a familiar figure approaching ...
And so it begins... Again! 
... And springs into action! 
It's the malevolent K-street Giant, mindlessly destroying everything in its path to feed its insatiable appetite for influence! 
HELLLLP!! HEy, that;s a constituent! 
Fee, Fi, FO Fum.. I smell the blood of middle-class scum 
The lumbering beat just smiles, then reaches into its pocket for a weapon. "Give me your best shot, Big boy!" The mighty man of the people says fearlessly. 
The giant obliges... 
.. Hitting the great protector right where he's most vulnerable...
Uhh.. Campaign contribution.. You're on your own, folks...Zzz
.. Leaving him drained of a conscience, helpless and utterly useless.
Jan 11, 2016
Small u 201701251612

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