Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller for April 07, 2011

  1. V  9
    freeholder1  about 12 years ago

    Clam sauce always makes me giggle.

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  2. Comic face
    comicgos  about 12 years ago

    Is that possible?

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  3. V  9
    freeholder1  about 12 years ago

    And she can root for Marcel next time, too.

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  4. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member about 12 years ago

    It’s a pork fat thing….I think.

    Sushi’s a word that’s just dying to be repeated……but not actually eaten - not by me at least.

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  5. Photo  1
    thirdguy  about 12 years ago

    Just keep her away from Emeril!!

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  6. Krazykatbw2
    grapfhics  about 12 years ago

    au Jus, that means funny, right?

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  7. Phil b r
    pbarnrob  about 12 years ago

    Take any word and repeat it like a mantra, over and over and over, and before long, it will become funny - or profound, I forget which…

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  8. Deficon
    Coyoty Premium Member about 12 years ago

    Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber Bieber… Yep, funny. Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck… Nope, not profound.

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  9. Me 3 23 2020
    ChukLitl Premium Member about 12 years ago

    Wiley, getting ideas from Zippy? Oh, well. You’re more original more often than most. We all have off days.

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  10. What has been seen t1
    lewisbower  about 12 years ago

    Kneed the breast. Need the breast. Kneed the breast.

    As a young man, I cooked along with Graham Kerr and Julia. I was great with a cork screw.

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  11. Badass uncle sam
    hawgowar  about 12 years ago

    Why is there breast of chicken or turkey, but not of beef or lamb?

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  12. Erroll for ror
    celeconecca  about 12 years ago

    evoo, yum-o, joy of the mountain: thank you, Rachel Ray

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  13. Danae
    Wiley creator about 12 years ago

    “Wiley, getting ideas from Zippy?”

    Since I don’t get Zippy in my paper, therefore, haven’t seen it in years, no. So what did Zippy do that struck you as being similar to the point of your feeling the need to make such an insulting accusation?

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  14. 533e
    oish  about 12 years ago

    How about “optical”. When said consecutively out loud, it sounds like a horse gallop.

    I slit a sheet, a sheet I slit, upon a slitted sheet I sit

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  15. Missing large
    CaptXpendable  about 12 years ago

    One of Zippys shticks is to get stuck on a word or phrase that takes his fancy and repeat it over and over like he’s caught in a loop. I’m just chalking it up as a coincidence unless you also have Danea take a sudden interest in watching laundry in tumble dryers.

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  16. Missing large
    prrdh  about 12 years ago

    Coyoty said, about 5 hours ago

    Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck Beck…

    Stop, you’re making me thirsty.

    Although truth be told, I prefer Zlaty Bazant.

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  17. Ngc891 rs 580x527
    alan.gurka  about 12 years ago

    Originally, I thought she meant using “butterfly” as a verb was funny. “Butterfly the pork loin.”

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  18. Missing large
    puddleglum1066  about 12 years ago

    Anybody remember the Animaniacs:

    Lake Titicaca, Lake Titicaca It’s between Bolivia and Peru. Lake Titicaca, Lake Titicaca, With waters tranquil and blue. Lake Titicaca, Lake Titicaca, Why do we sing of its fame? Lake Titicaca, Lake Titicaca, We really like saying its name! Titicaca!!

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  19. Jcl wreath
    KEA  about 12 years ago

    I’ve found that if repeated a sufficient number of times, any word loses all meaning.

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  20. Yikes
    grinstoya  about 12 years ago


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  21. Yellow pig small
    bmonk  about 12 years ago

    how about the Geographical Fugue?

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  22. Missing large
    1084897  about 12 years ago

    Re: Breast of Beef or Lamb. There are such, they are just not as ubiquitous as those of fowl. Breast of Beef is usually called Brisket and is widely used in Corned Beef and Pastrami. Breast of Lamb is readily available from butchers and can make mighty fine eating. See the following sites for information and recipes.

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  23. Sour grapes
    odeliasimone  about 12 years ago

    Who the H is Zippy? Never heard of that one!!!!

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  24. 1.richard waiting
    yuggib  about 12 years ago

    odeliasimone said: ” Who the H is Zippy?”

    Now THAT’S funny, repeated or not!

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  25. Missing large
    stevetalley7497  about 12 years ago

    I recall (but can’t find) something similar in Bloom County and the word ‘quonset hut’ quonset hut quonset hut quonset hut quonset hut .

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  26. Yellow pig small
    bmonk  about 12 years ago

    I wonder if the word “mantra” does this?

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  27. 1682106 inline inline 2 mel brooks master
    Can't Sleep  about 12 years ago

    The very idea of a butterflied pork loin is troubling; sort of like a cross between Tinkerbell and a pig with wings.

    I’m with WILEY on this – he’s had way too many ‘I read that in Calvin & Hobbes’, and now Zippy. Zippy, for crying out loud!

    Accusing an award-winning cartoonist of palagarism is serious stuff. And pretty bleeep unlikely.

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  28. 1682106 inline inline 2 mel brooks master
    Can't Sleep  about 12 years ago

    Hey, I’ve been bleeped! And it wasn’t even a dirty word!

    (Geez, they even mispelled ‘bleep.’ Can’t recognize a clean expletive and can’t spell either. So much for artificial intelligences.)

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  29. 8724545 avatar medium
    runninanreadin  about 12 years ago

    Abondanza…(what’s even funnier is when you plug that in here:

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  30. T128
    Nelly55  about 12 years ago

    breast of beef would be udderly icky

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  31. Ngc891 rs 580x527
    alan.gurka  about 12 years ago

    Try repeating “toy boat.”

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  32. Missing large
    mrneophyte  about 12 years ago

    Hey, Wiley, you can find “Zippy the Pinhead” in the comics section of the Washington Post. It is an acquired taste.

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  33. Danae
    Wiley creator about 12 years ago

    Yes, I know about Zippy, I just haven’t seen it in years, as it’s not carried by my newspaper.

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  34. Missing large
    Defect Premium Member about 12 years ago

    Please don’t insult Wiley! Just chalk this up as a ‘The Simpson’s Did It!’ South Park coincidence. It’s still funny.

    Given enough time, monkeys will type Shakespeare. Not that either writer is a monkey. I’m not throwing around insults, either, just references.

    This just goes back to my other thought that there are no original thoughts any more, and that all things will be reused, eventually.

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  35. Hawaii5 0girl
    treered  about 12 years ago

    who said “there is nothing new under the sun”? it may be true, but I still want to see what Danae does next!

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  36. Sip
    Biltil Premium Member about 12 years ago

    mmmmm pork loin…….

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  37. V  9
    freeholder1  about 12 years ago

    Russel, how udderly true about cows not having breast meat.

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  38. V  9
    freeholder1  about 12 years ago

    Read Clarke’s “The Longest Science Fiction Story Ever Told” fro a take on stuff being repeated.

    I suspect Wiley doesn’t need a plagerism suit so the implications are why he’s been “touchy.”

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  39. 128902499848657401
    Siberman  about 12 years ago

    @ Coyoty: It simply amazes me how someone can take the words of a pre-pubescent comic character concerning a cooking show and turn them into a political commentary.

    Then again , what can you expect from someone who can’t even spell their avatar’s name properly ?

    It’s “coyote” in American English and Spanish. “Coyotl” in Nahuatl (from whence the modern name derives).

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  40. Missing large
    ilsapadu  about 12 years ago

    Here I’ve been called and all I got is, apparently I missed Zippy.

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  41. Missing large
    artybee  about 12 years ago

    Didn’t “Zippy the Pinhead” get its start as an underground comic for acid-heads? Weren’t LSD-users often referred to as “pinheads?”

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  42. Steve3a
    JP Steve Premium Member about 12 years ago

    If Danae were watching chef Gordon Ramsay she could learn a lot of really funny f*ing words!!

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  43. My eye
    vldazzle  about 12 years ago

    Yes, I LOVE all the cooking shows (competitive) and enjoy all the recipies - not the sushi or other things that normal people find disgusting. I love to cook good healthy foods that are yummy.

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  44. Me 3 23 2020
    ChukLitl Premium Member about 12 years ago

    Wiley, I did not mean to imply plagiarism, the part about “more original more often than most” was sincere & I love your work. I’ve tried to write, originality is hard. I guess I’m the one with the “off day.”

    For those asking; “Who’s Zippy?” from Wiki, “Zippy made his first appearance in Real Pulp Comix #1 in March 1971. The strip began in The Berkeley Barb in 1976 and was syndicated nationally soon after, originally as a weekly strip. It has been a daily feature since 1985, distributed by King Features Syndicate.

    It’s often unintelligible, on rare occasions profound, & this strip is a recurring theme.

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