Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller for March 07, 2011

  1. Comic face
    comicgos  almost 12 years ago

    They must mean something - they keep throwing them out of the bible!

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  2. Grog poop
    GROG Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    Somehow, benevolent doesn’t fit your description, Danae.

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  3. Teaparty calvin
    Bittermelon of Truth  almost 12 years ago

    I smell a war brewing with Calvin’s Get Rid Of Slimy GirlS!

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  4. Photo  1
    thirdguy  almost 12 years ago

    Ok, but what group is Wiley really satirizing? Who automatically hands out membership cards, and counts you as a member, say, when you turn a certain age? wait, wait, don’t tell me…..

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  5. Missing large
    jefferis Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    “It all depends upon what the meaning of ‘is’ is… I did not have sex with that woman.” - Bill Clinton.

    Words don’t mean anything to those who want to avoid their meaning.

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  6. Holiday tink  disney zulily
    Little Miss Tink  almost 12 years ago

    Make me a member! I’ve been around lots of “stinky booger-brained boys” for as long as I can remember!

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  7. Whee2
    GuntotingLiberal  almost 12 years ago

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, about 6 hours ago Doubt it. With a quarter million greek papyri, codicies and texts from the first to third centuries, the Bible is the only book from antiquity that can be said to be unchanged.

    Hate to be the source of information, Nab, but the old testament derives from the Torah, which means it’s a translation, and the linguists agree that many words in the Torah have multiple meanings that weren’t translated. Also the King James Version was rewritten to support the changes to the church, including the idea of Ordained Clergy.

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  8. Large tv test pattern  color
    Lyons Group, Inc.  almost 12 years ago

    If I’m one of those boys, Tink, there’s a flyswatter with your name on it!

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  9. F35 debuts06
    michael.p.pumilia  almost 12 years ago

    “Any club that would have me as a member is not worth joining”

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  10. F35 debuts06
    michael.p.pumilia  almost 12 years ago

    “Any club that would have me as a member is not worth joining”

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  11. 11 06 126
    Varnes  almost 12 years ago

    She’s just codifying what we all know…. What’s that dear? Yes, right away dear…

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  12. Missing large
    prrdh  almost 12 years ago

    “In 1948, Nat King Cole and his family moved into the exclusive (and all-white) Los Angeles neighborhood of Hancock Park. When told by the property owners’ association that they did not want any “undesirables” in the neighborhood, Cole replied, “Neither do I. And if I see anybody undesirable coming in here, I’ll be the first to complain.””

    Kate could just say that if she meets any boys who are stinky and booger-brained, she’ll be the first to lobby against them.

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  13. Ico wile coyote
    Kerovan  almost 12 years ago

    @ ghostkeeper and GuntotingLiberal

    Yet each of you could easily find the correct information, as can anyone who looks.

    Yes the bible has been mis-translated in many places, sometimes in an attempt to support the belief of a particular group, sometimes in error. At one time the writing in the bible seemed unique and people thought it was a special language reserved for God’s word. They tried to translate it in a poetical manner, but later Archaeological finds revealed it was the daily common language that everyone could understand. So some of the confusion is un-intentional as well.

    Nabuquduriuzhur has a valid point though. During the hundreds of years between the oldest and the most recent intact scrolls found, both Hebrew and Greek, the scribes who copied them were so careful that remarkably few words were changed, and they were all of about the importance of the word “the.” With all the translations and resources available today, the original bible is still intact, even if you have to search for it.

    In other words, you’re all right. Now can we drop it and let these people enjoy the comic without getting any deeper into it? ^_~

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  14. T128
    Nelly55  almost 12 years ago

    from booger-brained boys to bible translation in 21 posts…..

    com’on people, speed it up!

    sorry Wiley

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  15. Missing large
    dflak  almost 12 years ago

    Give Danne about 10 more years and she’ll either change her attitude or she’ll decide that fratanizing with the enemy isn’t so bad after all.

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  16. Me 3 23 2020
    ChukLitl Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    The Bible is unchanged, if you read it in Hebrew without tittles. (Ancient textspeak?)

    Without the broken X, there’s only cloning, no cross fertilization. I may bumble, that may bee what you need.

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  17. Carabao 1  751647
    whitecarabao  almost 12 years ago

    Comicgos, Nab, and the rest: Which of the several hundred different bibles are you referring to? King James? Septuagent? Or…?

    First of all, the history of the modern Christian bibles (yes there are more than one) is a tangled web of theology, church politics, and internecine conflicts. One biblical scholar apparently became so disillusioned from studying the history of the formation of “the” Bible that he went from being an enthusiastic Evangelical Christian to being an agnostic – a sad commentary.

    Second, ignoring the thousands of translations (Surprise, people, the bible is published in many languages, not just English!), the major Christian religions each recognize different variations. The Protestant version omits several books that are in the Septuagent version. The Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox versions are based on the Septuagent but differ in some of the books included. The Nestorian church uses yet another version. The Hebrew Bible, which is of course exclusively the Hebrew scriptures, is organized differntly from the “Old Testament” in almost all Christian Bibles. Don’t forget the Book of Mormon which the LDS add. And then there are the “freelance” bibles that some individuals have felt inspired to write from scratch.

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  18. Yellow pig small
    bmonk  almost 12 years ago

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, about 10 acronyms ago

    As far as Danae… hehe… she would fit the malevolent, rather than benevolent category, no?

    I agree–but being a member of M.O.S.S. just doesn’t have quite the same cachet.

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  19. Avatar
    Mythreesons  almost 12 years ago

    Not only the Mormons wrote their own version, I believe the Jehovah’s Witnesses have their own, also. (Bible, that is.)

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  20. Hawaii5 0girl
    treered  almost 12 years ago

    LOL! Funny! True, but funny….

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  21. Me 3 23 2020
    ChukLitl Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    The burning bush said it. It is what it is. Watch out for the jawbone of an αss.

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  22. Maine coon
    harrietbe  almost 12 years ago

    Ahh… the writer’s mystique. Trust me… Wiley is not a female.

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  23. 11 06 126
    Varnes  almost 12 years ago

    OK, I’m shirking my duty. I’ve got an MA in Interpersonal Communication, so I have to point out that “meaning” is in people, not words. That’s a major tenet of communication theory. Not only do words have multiple meanings, it also depends on who is saying them and how they are said. Who is hearing it, what mood they’re in, etc. Take the N word….please…So, Danae, don’t dispair, words have always been a little slippery..

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  24. Daffy
    llong65  almost 12 years ago

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, about 13 hours ago

    Doubt it. With a quarter million greek papyri, codicies and texts from the first to third centuries, the Bible is the only book from antiquity that can be said to be unchanged.


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  25. What has been seen t1
    lewisbower  almost 12 years ago

    Eveyone should believe what they want BOSS GROSS The Bible. And the Right Reverend LewReader who will send you the TRUTH for $19.95 S&H extra.

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  26. Georg von rosen   oden som vandringsman  1886  odin  the wanderer
    runar  almost 12 years ago

    If you think the bible is unchanged, you’re behind on your scholarship. Try reading Bart Ehrman’s Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why.

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  27. Wink
    DonVanni  almost 12 years ago

    I agree with runar and also recommend Dr. Ehrman’s “God’s Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer Our Most Important Question-Why We Suffer” as well as his ” Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (and Why We Don’t Know About Them).” (By the way, Dr. Ehrman is the scholar mentioned above by whitecarabao.) So much for “inerrancy”.

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  28. Missing large
    ilsapadu  almost 12 years ago

    So little yet so evil.

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  29. Missing large
    dnihilist  almost 12 years ago

    Wiley does it yet again…bravo!

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  30. Cathy aack Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    Thanx runar & DonVanni – those books are real eye-openers for all of those who think they have cornered the market on biblical truths & authenticity.

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  31. J thumbs up
    joelperlish Premium Member almost 12 years ago

    am enjoying the discussion re the bible… wiley has the final say though with “words, pfttt… as if words mean anything today.” i’m guessing words likely never meant anything in the general scheme of things. orwell realized it. those who cling to dogma don’t realize it….

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  32. My eye
    vldazzle  almost 12 years ago

    I have regected membership in AARP, NOW and many others. Why do others assume that I would like their representation?? I totally detest any activists!!!

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  33. Dsc00030
    alviebird  almost 12 years ago

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