Nick Anderson for August 16, 2022

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    The Nodding Head  4 months ago

    On target!

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  2. Belushi
    Jack7528  4 months ago

    Wow, you think Republicans are like Muslim extremists? Odd!

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  3. Missing large
    dotbup  4 months ago

    They care more about the gun lobby than children’s lives. Vote them out.

    Religious fanatics can’t be reasoned with and won’t change. Vote them out.

    We want to make the planet a better place. They call that a liberal agenda. Vote them out.

    They don’t respect women’s independence and health rights. Vote them out.

    Power is never given, it is only taken. Take away their power. Vote them out.

    The conservative mind will not change when shown facts that contradict their opinions. Vote them out.

    They don’t respect an individual’s identity. Vote them out.

    You want to help those less fortunate than you. They call you “woke”. Vote them out

    They don’t respect the democratic process. Vote them out.

    Our country is in distress. Vote them out.

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  4. Me cap
    darkendale  4 months ago

    The FBI is fine as long as it goes after the people the Repubs designate as suspicious. When they go after their Golden Idol with a duly served search warrant, they lose their minds.

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    Zebrastripes  4 months ago

    Some GOP nuts will do ANYTHING to keep in power…..they keep licking boots and kissing A-sses… they’re all in a frenzie and desperate….as they SHOULD BE for their dirty underhanded antics! LOCK RUMPLE UP!

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  6. Missing large
    schaefer jim  4 months ago

    Sad to say that Nick is on to something!

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  7. Catinma
    BeniHanna6 Premium Member 4 months ago

    Amazing how Mr. Anderson equates a nut job threating FBI agents on social media with a Islamic Fatwa, but he never did the same when the nut job from California man with a gun was detained by police near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s house in Maryland on June 8.

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