Nick Anderson for September 22, 2020

  1. Dr horrible pinkraygun
    cupertino jay  almost 2 years ago

    yeahbut where’s the athletic gal running up the aisle and throwing a big hammer thru the screen? you know, like the original apple Mac commerical?? found it, here..

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  2. Missing large
    The Love of Money is . . .  almost 2 years ago

    When they said, “Let George Do It” . . . Did they mean Orwell ? I’m sure it wasn’t Washington, but Trump’s base would I’m sure.

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  3. P1000380
    A# 466  almost 2 years ago

    Remember Tecumseh’s Curse: Any President elected in a year ending in zero will die in office. (Also called the Curse of Tippecanoe.)

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  4. Picture
    WilliamMedlock  over 1 year ago

    Remember when Amazon deleted a whole bunch of electronic copies of 1984? No one will ever delete my copy, because it is made of paper and has 23 (and counting) bookmarks in it.

    Here is a different way of doing shots. In the movie with John Hurt, every time Winston does one you do one.

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