Nancy by Olivia Jaimes for April 18, 2013

  1. Shran1
    atomicdog  about 9 years ago

    Have these relatives appeared before?

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  2. Fb img 1492228790255
    JayBluE  about 9 years ago

    See? There’s that heart that I was talking about, yesterday… it’s gettin’ there….

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  3. Chrysanthemum
    comixlover347  about 9 years ago

    The resemblance is crazy

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  4. Blunebottle
    blunebottle  about 9 years ago

    This comic is becoming way more than it ever was…..thanks, Guy!

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  5. Missing large
    WaitingMan  about 9 years ago

    Getting to be like a Charles Dickens novel, except about 800 pages shorter.

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  6. Fb img 1492228790255
    JayBluE  about 9 years ago

    And I suspect that they live by the creed “what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine”….

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  7. Missing large
    yeahbutt  about 9 years ago

    Stage being set for years … DECADES … to come …

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  8. Missing large
    w2lj  about 9 years ago

    Is that just a tape on Sluggo’s diaper; or is that a “signature patch”? :)

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  9. Franco s trattoria
    StoicLion1973  about 9 years ago

    A poor orphan, shady relatives who want nothing to do with the boy? Ahh…the plot thickens.

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  10. Th
    marvee Premium Member about 9 years ago

    The aunt and uncle look like they might have money, and as lamjayblue said they intend to keep it. They haven’t yet realized that they can’t take it with them.

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  11. Missing large
    terek  about 9 years ago


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  12. John w kennedy 2010 square
    John W Kennedy Premium Member about 9 years ago

    Chauncy appeared at least once in a 1941 comicbook, but a 1941 comicbook could easily have been a reprint of a 1930s strip continuity.

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  13. Skylark
    Skylark  about 9 years ago

    ah HAH! We get to the Nitty Gritty!

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  14. Missing large
    23035387  about 9 years ago

    no wonder sluggo is by himself

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  15. Missing large
    stanley hastings  about 9 years ago

    That Maggie looks like a mean ole bitch

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  16. Frankiefishville
    H P Hundt Premium Member about 9 years ago

    @SUSAN NEWMAN:Uncle Vince and Aunt Maggie would have swindled him out of any money long ago.

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  17. Kat 1
    katina.cooper  about 9 years ago

    Just remember what happens in TV shows. Too many new people and viewers start go somewhere else. Just bring one in at a time and see how that one gets along with everybody, including us.

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  18. It  s a gas station    by todd sullest
    Max Starman Jones  about 9 years ago

    Chauncy looks like Sluggo’s twin? How would we know? We’ve never seen Sluggo’s twin…

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