Nancy by Olivia Jaimes for June 27, 2012

  1. Heraldexaminer jiggs
    Buzza Wuzza  almost 10 years ago

    Quiz time! How many suggestive comments will be posted here before noon? My guess is seven.

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  2. Gort
    CHAZ.SHIELDS  almost 10 years ago

    Thanks Sue for giving us the recognition we justly deserve.

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  3. Missing large
    James Barringer  almost 10 years ago

    Aunt Fritzi looks like she is in pretty good shape.

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  4. Missing large
    Superhawk  almost 10 years ago

    I ‘suggest’ that she continue her efforts towards a healthy lifestyle, and that Guy and Brad give us ‘regular’ updates as to her progress. Oooops. Now Buzza Wuzza only needs six more. Darn. And I started out so good.

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  5. Oliver wendell jones
    Fantom Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    Woo Hoo !That’s seven.

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  6. 1899lsu avatar
    YatInExile Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    It’s only 8:30 and already I’m turning on my A/C.

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  7. Georg von rosen   oden som vandringsman  1886  odin  the wanderer
    runar  almost 10 years ago

    I thought only R. Crumb could draw butts like that.

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  8. Missing large
    alleyoops Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    Fritzi, let me help you make that old treadmill not so boring!

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  9. Missing large
    w2lj  almost 10 years ago

    Why not walk outside?

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  10. Photo 1
    The Real Zarth Arn  almost 10 years ago

    If you read the strip in reverse, it looks like Fritzi is taking her shirt off.

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  11. 1937
    billdi Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    o fritzi, you tease

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  12. Missing large
    XianProf  almost 10 years ago

    Where’s panel zero?

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  13. Kaz
    Kazbot  almost 10 years ago

    You know Guy must be so amused by these comments, or he wouldn’t keep drawing her this way.

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  14. Missing large
    tuslog64  almost 10 years ago

    Panel 0 is in the European version.

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  15. Blinky3
    ghretighoti  almost 10 years ago

    This comic strip helps us libidinous males (and there are a lot of us out here) to appreciate women in general and Fritzi in particular. And, isn’t that really a nice thing?

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  16. Yahoo girl2
    ambrozic  almost 10 years ago

    Put on a unitard please!

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  17. 80eaf3d1 f7db 45e1 8f0e f63b4946b08f
    Dr Sheriff MB esq PhD DML   almost 10 years ago

    (gulp*)um… Fritzi… uh, ya know whuts gonna happen when yer t-shirt gits all sweaty dont’cha…??? yer gonna need help gettin’ it off… call me

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  18. Louie avatar
    luckylouie  almost 10 years ago

    Well, I’m 70 and Fritzi is 89. Nothing wrong with an old geezer getting the hots for an old crone.

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  19. Missing large
    shel4  almost 10 years ago

    Forget the treadmill, walk on me!

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  20. Missing large
    WaitingMan  almost 10 years ago

    I want to see panel zero.

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  21. Missing large
    iced tea  almost 10 years ago

    I bet a lot of horny guys will love this strip today!


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  22. Bill the cat
    William Green Premium Member almost 10 years ago

    My guess is the Gilchrists enjoy drawing Fritzi a heckuva lot more than Nancy.

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