Nancy Classics by Ernie Bushmiller for October 13, 2021

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    jagedlo  8 days ago

    Nice of Nancy to recycle…

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  2. Cyan
    monkeysky  8 days ago

    My dad actually did this with one of his cigars when I was a kid. However (luckily for the snowman) he made sure it was all the way out, first.

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  3. Missing large
    Susan00100  8 days ago

    Next frame: the cigar explodes and blows the snowman’s head off!!

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    Zebrastripes  8 days ago

    LOL! Just for a brief moment….I thought dat Nancy was take a puff…lol

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  5. Manachan
    rpmurray  8 days ago

    I’m surprised that this particular strip wasn’t censored for showing the dreaded tobacco and smoking.

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  6. Missing large
    gzitver  8 days ago

    You can tell that guy is rich from the top hat and the fur collar and the fact that he tossed a mostly unsmoked cigar.

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  7. Professor chaos
    countoftowergrove  8 days ago

    So Nancy take place in Atlantic City. Mr. Pennybags lives there.

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  8. Rip01 copy
    Hamady Sack Premium Member 7 days ago

    Wasteful toff.

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  9. Jolie album
    brklnbern  7 days ago

    Ah back in the days when the idle rich and the poor interacted.

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  10. 2f70699f 864e 4e42 a71f 2fe57966a7e5
    Lego Thwimp  7 days ago

    Poor snowman… now his lungs are going to melt!

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  11. Sluggo avatar 2 0
    Auntie Clockwise  7 days ago

    Years ago, there was a Tobacconist in New Haven, Connecticut that brought an interesting cigar to the cigar marketplace.

    The Tobacconist named the cigar Muniemaker and given the times being the mid-20th century it probably was a purchase choice when tobacco smoking was quite popular.

    A check on the name from the internet claims the cigar remains on the market and is often given praise for being created from excellent tobacco leaf, and is very affordable.

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