Benitin y Eneas by Pierre S. De Beaumont and Bud Fisher for December 03, 2022

  1. Irish celtic knot clipart.hi
    Dkram  4 months ago

    Happy weekend Vagabonds

    T’was 34 degrees at first glance this morning, cloudy with a little snow turning to rain as time goes by, today’s high, 42.

    I’m watching a new serise, well, five or six episodes in, “Fire Country” about convicts fighting fires with Cal Fire. The son of the chief is in prison and applies to the Cal Fire prison program. So far so good.

    A good day to all, may God travel it with you.


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  2. Irish celtic knot clipart.hi
    Dkram  4 months ago

    Hi there Vagabonds

    Upon getting up I noticed a temp of 27, there are big fluffy cotton balls, um, clouds in the sky and sunshine. The forecast says it’s going to stay that way, high 29. OK (^.^)

    Today starts with church (of course) Mac & Cheese for the Sunday meal and the usual afternoon TV for this time of year.

    All Y’all have a fine day and may God be at your side.


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  3. Easter 3
    JanLC  4 months ago

    Good morning, Vagabonds.

    I see that I didn’t post yesterday. That surprised me as I thought I had. Ah well, life goes on.

    We did get the new desk put together on Friday and it’s great. I have lots more room to spread out and store stuff. It took a little over two hours. And like the cabinet, the engineering and pre-drilling was spot on so it went very easily. The directions said it should take about an hour, but I’m old so I have an excuse. Next up will be Michael’s new desk.

    One of the strings of lights on our Christmas tree turns out to be faulty. Of the entire string, about 5 lights work and the power does go through to the next string so we can’t figure out what’s wrong. They’re cheap enough at Walmart, so I’m going to get a replacement string after church today. Plus a spare.

    LOL, we tried changing the fuses on those lights and while we could get the little compartment open, we could not get the fuses out. They are tiny and fragile and buried deep within that compartment. Plus there are two and they only give you one replacement. We had a good laugh over that.

    Off to church in about an hour where we will finish up with Matthew 12. It’s donut Sunday, too so I’ll have a chance to visit with friends who usually attend 2nd service. (On Christmas Day we are combining the two services into one at 10 AM. Should be fun.)

    Everyone have a safe and blessed Sunday.

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