Benitin y Eneas by Pierre S. De Beaumont and Bud Fisher for October 27, 2021

  1. Baby picture
    Dkram  3 months ago

    Welcome to another day Vagabonds

    Once again it’s 43 degrees outside our door, the predicted high is 53 with a mix of sun and clouds. Ah, fall.

    New avatar, if I were to title this picture I’d call it “Happier days of the Hayden family” I don’t know the date of this picture but I would say mid to late 1890s.

    From “Over the years, William acquired so much land that in 1823 he found himself in serious financial trouble. His mother-in-law, Mercie Dale had given him money over the years to help but it had never been repaid while he continued to ask for more. Suspicion set in and Mercie Dale became victim to a long illness, accusing William of poisoning her.”

    As the end came, Mercie uttered her ominous curse in the presence of her daughter, Silence: “The Hayden name shall die in the third generation and the last to bear the name shall die in poverty.”

    Henry, the last male in the line of the Hayden family of Albany, VT was taken away by hearse in 1910. From; “The only Hayden eventually left alive was Henry’s daughter Armenia. All that was left of her inheritance was an unsavory family reputation and a number of unpaid debts. Due to illness and humiliation, she decided to live out her final days, in Waterville, Maine, where she died alone in poverty on February 20, 1927. She was the last of the Hayden family and the final victim of Mercie Dale’s curse.”

    That is pretty much the story of the curse of Mercie Dale and the Haydens. Morel of the story is, never stiff your mother-in-law. (^.^)

    Have a happy day all you nice folks and may God bless.


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  2. Scripture quilt
    MontanaLady  3 months ago

    A plumber is coming today to finish the job.

    That’s all we have on tap today.


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  3. At mom   dad s house 2
    Jan C  3 months ago

    Good morning, Vagabonds.

    ByE: Interesting that the sign around the horse’s neck is blank. In the English version, it says “For Sale”. The buyer is asking Benetin if the horse can see. B says yes, then in the last panel, “He forgot his glasses”.

    Mike is coming over later to borrow Michael’s floor length hooded cape (red of course) for part of a Halloween costume. I am consumed with curiosity to know how it fits in with his costume.

    Laundry day again. Enough said.

    We’re at 61 at the moment, looking for 72. A nice cool, crisp sunny day. My view out the window in front of me is nice: blue skies, huge pine tree and a bunch of newly trimmed bushes in front of the building across the street. (One could wish for no building, heavy sigh.)

    Everyone have a safe and blessed day.

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  4. Photo0062a
    chris.smith618  3 months ago

    Good afternoon, Vagabonds.

    The day started with a cool 52, cloudy skies, and the rumble of thunder in the distance. It was a nice morning for the weekly trip to Walmart. Still cannot find everything on my weekly list. From the bare ess of the shelves I would guess they are waiting for stuff to get off the cargo ships. Anyway, it is now 64 and occasionally the sun peeks through the cloud cover, the rain is supposed to get here after 6 pm.

    I need to get started on my laundry, but am procrastinating. I know that the sooner I start the soon I will be finished, still procrastinating. :-)

    Everyone have a great day.

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