Mustard and Boloney by Jeffrey Caulfield and Alexandre Rouillard for October 18, 2015

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  1. Green bird
    colcam  almost 4 years ago

    Once upon a time Bully showed his rage by beating all around him. After many years of doing this the Bully’s son took his place as the town Bully, then his grandson took on the crown of the Bully.

    One day the town Egghead dug a drainage ditch behind the west trees, and when the next rain came the water flowed away instead of soaking the town square.

    People thought that was fair and wonderful, but the Bully Family resented the way people had begun to look up to the Egghead. They went to the town Innkeeper and told him not to speak of the Egghead, and when he asked why they beat the Innkeeper until he could not walk.

    They told the Stablekeeper he must not let the Egghead use one of the Stablekeeper’s horses. When he asked why they broke both of his legs and kicked his face until he could not speak or see.

    Then the Bully family sent word about the town that the Egghead must show up the next day in the town square and take his punishment or else the entire town would be beaten in his place.

    When they showed up the next morning the Egghead was there, but he carried a bow and a quiver of arrows. They yelled at the Egghead to throw them away and take his punishment like a man, but the Egghead calmly put two arrows into each of the Bully Family, and watched them fall.

    The frightened townspeople came out and watched as the Egghead put up his bow and went back to drawing a map of the town, and what could be done to make it better for all that lived there

    Thus the truth became known.

    Pick a fight with an Egghead and you’re doomed because no matter how much muscle you have brains and courage will win.

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