Moderately Confused by Jeff Stahler for July 06, 2020

  1. Rick
    tghllama  about 2 years ago

    It’s the day before “Blursday”

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  2. Mm wp001
    allen@home  about 2 years ago

    Hump day.

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  3. Coyote
    eromlig  about 2 years ago

    We’re putting score marks on the walls…

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  4. Pinballavatar
    BearsDown Premium Member about 2 years ago

    Wednesday Addams. Tuesdays younger sister.

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  5. Missing large
    dflak  about 2 years ago

    I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home. I re-orient every morning.

    However, even in normal times, I have a three-day week. If I go to work it’s Workday, if I go to church it’s Sunday, if I do neither it’s Saturday.

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  6. Gocomic avatar
    sandpiper  about 2 years ago

    That happened to me in the 5th or 6th year of retirement and hasn’t improved since 2003 . . . h-m-m-m- or was it 2005

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  7. Ride em cowboy
    l3i7l  about 2 years ago

    Woden you like to know…

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  8. Irish  1
    Zen-of-Zinfandel  about 2 years ago

    Day after Taco Tuesday.

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  9. Can flag
    Alberta Oil Premium Member about 2 years ago

    The only day that requires keeping track of, garbage day.

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  10. Doctor coathanger dedd0cdde39e8d206171eeee87e4f6dc2a54ba65eb66993993a8051998211bc
    Teto85 Premium Member about 2 years ago

    Telemedicine duty for the clinic 4:00 pm to midnight. Which usually means 3:30 to 2:00.

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  11. Stinker
    cuzinron47  about 2 years ago

    If it’s being delivered by Amazon, that should be Wednesdayish.

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  12. Rick and morty 91d86486 2737 4e8f a1ca 8e1b1ed1070d
    sevaar777  about 2 years ago

    Jeff Bezos bought Wednesday. You have to pay $12.99 a month to use that day, but it comes with free shipping.

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  13. Katze avatar lg
    LeftCoastBoomer Premium Member about 2 years ago

    I think he’s thrown by the “D” in the word. The strip does have “confused” in the title. Then again, maybe not…

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  14. 9a61ec07410e91ff118cd354baf25d1f sticker
    Laurie Stoker Premium Member about 2 years ago

    I hear ya. If my phone didn’t have the date and day on it, I would have no idea.

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