Mike Lester for October 05, 2021

  1. No trumpy
    Blue Mesa Man  3 months ago

    As usual, Lester the Jester is ranting idiotic. It’s utter fantasy.

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  2. Missing large
    Daeder  3 months ago

    So Mike Lester thinks Joe Biden owns Facebook now?

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  3. Missing large
    dnie  3 months ago

    no. FAKEbook/Google/BigTech/China etc. own him………..

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  4. Missing large
    klemcadiddlehopper  3 months ago

    If the Supremes had a spine, this would be stopped with the 4th Amendment.

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  5. Am. flag
    AmericanPie  3 months ago

    Do you progressives really want the government to know EVERY time you spend $600 or more? This could be a reality soon.

    I keep thinking people will wake up to the Leviathan the central government in Washington DC has become and to the extent it inserts itself into our everyday lives. If anything should scare people, this is it! IT’S NOBODY’S BUSINESS HOW I SPEND MY MONEY!

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  6. 20200319 192925
    IndyW  3 months ago


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  7. Photo
    MarkJohnson1  3 months ago

    Wow! Where are the liberals complaints about out of touch Mike is?

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  8. Missing large
    Vidrinath Premium Member 3 months ago

    Mike, I’m certain this will play well to your regulars. A different ’toon could have been about how obscure this is. I had to look it up and the only sources were ones I doubt can pin down what 2 + 2 = without having to scream DEEP STATE! If this really is a Sen Warren SB 1788 thing then:

    1) Biden doesn’t like Warren. He’s really not on the same page as her most of the time.

    2) Senate bills need 60 votes to pass.

    3) As soon as Biden says he likes it 50 senators will hate it.

    4) If 2022 or 2024 turns the congress or president back over to the Domestic Terror Party – as you tell us- then this will be another tool for your Dictator overlord to use to target YOU- yes YOU! for donations. And corruption- which never seems to be corruption when you decide you enjoy it.

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  9. Missing large
    DrDon1  3 months ago

    This makes one wonder why Lester “returned” to GoComics after his absence….

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