Matt Wuerker for February 14, 2020


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  1. Rainbow brain
    Concretionist  10 days ago

    Indeed, it’s pretty clear from the subsequent actions that he’s fully understood his lesson: He’s fully empowered to do ANYTHING AT ALL !

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  2. Birthcontrol
    Dtroutma Premium Member 10 days ago

    Indeed, and Principal McConnell let him out of detention.

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  3. Missing large
    sevaar777  10 days ago

    Gee, I can’t wait to be sent to a Trump true patriot re-education camp, because, you know, it’s in the best interest of the nation. And ok for me. It’s coming, just wait for it.

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  4. Tf 117
    RAGs  10 days ago

    One lesson he learned is to make sure there are no witnesses. That is why he said that he may not let aides listen in to his phone conversation with foreign leaders. You never know when some “deep state” patriot will do the real job of protecting the Constitution.

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  5. Missing large
    PraiseofFolly  10 days ago

    From now on, with anyone who has crossed Trump, or will in future cross him — it will “Bambi vs. Godzilla.”

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  6. Wtp
    superposition  10 days ago

    And 40% of the US electorate thinks this is fine … the way things should be done.

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  7. Pat new 150
    Patjade Premium Member 10 days ago

    Yeah, how did THAT work out?

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  8. Americanflag
    Masterskrain Premium Member 10 days ago

    Hair Furor, Agolf Twitler WILL lead this country into totalitarianism unless he’s stopped, either at the polls, or by ANY OTHER MEANS WHATSOEVER!

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  9. Mooseguy
    moosemin  10 days ago

    I’m glad Matt had show the damage in the background. In under three years the republican gang has wreaked incalculable damage to our institutions and lowered the bar for behavior and protocol for generations to come, if we could repair them at all!

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  10. Fsm 003
    Rockaway Beach Bum  10 days ago

    Of course it hurts, USA. You’re being raped by an elephant!

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  11. Missing large
    wirepunchr  10 days ago

    Did tiny learn his lesson? Ya, right.

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  12. Missing large
    BotGun  10 days ago

    For all the dirty looks the photographs your boyfriend took.

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  13. Missing large
    retpost  10 days ago

    I stand corrected: this is the best cartoon of the day.

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  14. Missing large
    wellis1947 Premium Member 10 days ago

    The 40% superposition referred to, above, does not see the incredible Trump is causing in America, even as we speak.

    The number of people directly affected by the Visigoth sacking of Rome was statistically insignificant, and most Roman citizens didn’t even notice the changes around them for years (if not decades!).

    The rot and decay was most notable in the urbs, first, and didn’t seem to affect the more rural areas for decades after the Roman body politic had died.

    Of course, nowadays everything proceeds at a faster pace, so we get to see the dissolution of the American “Way” in real time rather than just reading about it in dusty history books, but it is, none the less, either dying or already dead.

    If you’re at all curious about the procedure, study what has happened to the “light of democracy” in Turkey – Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is a pretty close example of Trump – just a bit further down the road to totalitarianism.

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  15. Missing large
    randolini Premium Member 10 days ago

    And that lesson was, l can do whatever I damn well please.

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  16. Jock
    Godfreydaniel  10 days ago

    NOTE to carbon-based lifeforms: carbon-based lifeforms who are TODDLERS learn NOTHING without supervision. And thus they remain toddlers……….

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  17. Toughcat
    bakana  10 days ago

    The “Lesson” he learned was that the GOP is a bunch of spineless, gonadless bunch of total Hypocrites who will allow him to do Anything so long as he keeps calling himself a RepubliKlan.

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  18. Agent gates130516four
    Rad-ish says, posting NA on Sherpa Premium Member 10 days ago

    Anti Constitution Republicans have put themselves above the law in a silent coup.

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